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New Age or Old Lies L01 – Specific Definitions

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

New Age or Old Lies   L01  – Specific Definitions

Read John 8:44 & Romans 1:1-32

  To begin, I want you to take a piece of paper and write down the definition of the words pantheism, syncretism (or syncretistic), and “holistic.” Condensed, pantheism basically believes that God is in all nature; that He is not necessarily above it and transcendent; that He is in all of the “human species” and awaiting His higher, mind freeing self! O, He’s in the birds, and in the trees, and in the water. And HENCE, we get earth worship, creature worship, and Hinduism where animals are sacred, and on and on. Do you see it? See Romans 1? Factor in 1Kings 22:22-23 (lying spirits in this world) A great part of their teaching leaves out God, and says that nature heals. Being that that is partly true makes the nucleus of the teaching acceptable, but again, it is but another little truth, that is used to leave God out! Hold on to this lesson as we progress and expand on the individual items in it.

   Now, what is New Age… really?  Well, as I said in an intro, it is a strange mixture. It is Hinduism, which is itself pantheistic. It is earth WORSHIP and self-worship. It is a belief in a higher spirit and higher “self/consciousness” of man, where he attains god-like status (a “master”). It is a little Zen and Buddhism, and it is a little Jesus mixed into con folks.    …

   Here are a few of their teachings: A. All is One. B. All is God. C. Humanity is God… he just hasn’t achieved that higher consciousness of it yet. D. There must be a change in “Consciousness” if we are to save the earth E. All religions are One. F. Cosmic Evolutionary Optimism. G. Traditional Christianity is Confining, but New age is freedom.  (See John 8:32 here!!!) They deny the True God, the real Jesus Christ, the need for salvation, and refuse the Bible and Christianity!

  Their ten major themes in health are 1. The whole is greater than the parts or individuals. 2. Health, or “Wellness,” is more than the absence of disease. 3. We are responsible for our own health or disease. 4. Natural forms of healing are preferable to traditional drugs and surgery. 5. Most methods of promoting health can and should be holistic, but some methods are more innately holistic than others (acupuncture, biofeedback, acupressure, etc.) 6. Health implies the evolution of thought. 7. An understanding of energy, not matter, is the key to health. 8. Death is the final stage of growth. 9. The thinking and practices of ancient civilizations are a rich source of healthy living. 10. Holistic health must be incorporated into the fabric of society through public policy (government laws). What a lot of this teaches is the holiness and sacredness of the body and “self.” Pay VERY close attention to #10, also.

  The next foundation of their belief system is the “human potential” thing. Wow, I’m just waiting to be unlocked and freed to my higher self. Maybe then all these wrinkles will go away! They teach such things as Transpersonal Psychology, Self-Actualization, and free Morality, the Divine in all Humans AND animals, and the freedom from evil that can be obtained by striving for the “Higher Consciousness.”  I want to stick a screwdriver in my eyes here! But this stuff has gotten more than a little foothold in this country. Throw out God and the Bible, especially in schools, and this stuff will not only come in but be accepted!

  Naturally, they believe in the god of science and the responsibility of all humans to the earth; hence the one for all and one is all mantra; Earth and environmental responsibility, ALONG WITH sharing of earth’s resources by those who both have more and consume more. (I see a furrowed brow out there! Got your attention yet? Hear it in politicians??? See also Proverbs 12:15.) Just wait until we get to lessons in weeks 23-30.

   In this, they have teachings about the Quanta and the Buddha, the Tao of Physics (see the mixture of many false eastern religions yet?), Physics and Metaphysics, and the “Spiral of Evolution.” A bit more than the hippies of San Francisco I see! Eat well, drive a BMW, AND smoke marijuana. Higher consciousness! See any of this all over America today? WHO IS it that is pushing to legalize “pot” all over America? These folks! THEY are connected!

  Finally here, and we will really touch on this later, they believe there should be a one-world governing body that believes in the responsibility of all men to the earth, and ecology, and animals. They believe in socialism to the extreme, and they are working on making it universal. But who controls all the money?

  Religiously they believe that Jesus was an Eastern mystic yogi of some kind (what about Boo Boo?); they worship the goddess Gaea, (goddess of the earth, just like Babylon did), and the mixture of all the “good parts” of all religions. It could be described as “Pantheistic Monism.” All is god; all is one, and “thou art thou.” That’s clear as mud! There is no distinction between humanity and deity. You can call this new reality by numerous things: Brahman, Atman, the Void, etc. but it is all…. One for All and All is One, or THE One. ….They believe in yoga, like monistic meditation, and by this man can eliminate evil, and wars from this earth. (sound like the hippies?) Really? Really? O, if we only had one of the “masters” step forth as the “peace child” and lead the world into peace! I’ve read that somewhere before! You see, in throwing out the Bible, they believe in the good in man and TOTALLY lose the truth of the fallen nature! Ye shall be as gods!- BUT they leave out the knowing evil part! Do you see any of Genesis 3 here?

   Many if not most have deep beliefs in reincarnation, and a form of “Universal Karma” where “the universe remembers.” They believe in the “pulse of the One” being at the heart of all religions, and we must get up TO the One in our consciousness. (look at Romans 12:7 & Hebrews 9:27?)

  .Their universe is self-existent, and there is no transcendent God (Let’s all “coexist”); God is nature, humans, plants, and animals. The God of traditional Christianity is a myth (I think they are “myth-taken”). Man is the measure of all things, not God, and man can attain upward and one day BE God, or A god.

   The god of the One, or Universe is impersonal, amoral, and again, he is the world (read Romans 1 here. REALLY? Sounds to me like Genesis 3 all over again! But, people without the truth, fall for it!). All ethics are situational, and man is autonomous, or on his own apart from any governing God. As far as man and nature, man is an evolved animal and is responsible back to nature as his creator. WHAT? The answers to man’s problems can be solved through a change in “consciousness.”  Man is all things, and the truth is within (Where is Jeremiah 17:9 & others?); Man is a “sleeping god.” Death is an illusion and entrance into the next level of consciousness (O boy, is it ever! See Luke 16:23) In religion, all point to The One (syncretism). And as far as the man Jesus goes, He was only an avatar, or the god-guru sent to teach man how to be god, and He had some really good ideas and concepts! 

   I leave you with this… No matter how willingly ignorant they are (2Peter 3:5), no matter how much they try to “think God out” of this world (Psalm 2), and deny Him, His Truth, His Son, His Holiness, and His judgment, it will all come crashing down, for the devil is behind it all!! This movement denies God, truth, and Jesus Christ, along with final judgment.. and that will prove eternally fatal!     IF this weren’t so deadly, it would be laughable! .Know your Bible!  Walk in truth!  Tell folks about the REAL Jesus!                

3 John 4 (KJB) I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

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