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New Age Political Platforms 1

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New Age Political Platforms 1

Read Dan. 9 & 2Thess. 2:5-10

   I feel that we should look further into their political agendas. I believe that if a Christian is open eyed, and taught, it will be clear what is going on, how powerful it is, how far gone this world is, and how close we are to the end! New Age is being taught in schools, promoted by Hellywood, TV, commercials, businesses, books, and….. politicians! Hey, what’s behind door number three, Johnny? It’s a free chip in your FOREHEAD!

   In Daniel 9, Daniel is seeing the end of the world from the perspective primarily of Israel. He sees the coming “prince” of evil, the anti-christ, and his religio-political government. Do not forget, it will be both! But how will this devil in the flesh get to power? What will be his religio-political platform?  How will he have such sway over the people? Well, what if we all thought the planet was about to burn up, or have some cataclysmic climate disaster, ALONG WITH the civil unrest and political upheaval? What if the world was taken in earth worship at the same time as wars and terrorism? What if natural resources were (supposedly) about to run out and all mankind wiped out by natural disasters AND nuclear wars? Think about the widespread popularity a man would have who could save us!

   Fifty years ago, all of this would have been laughed at hysterically. Not now!  Never forget this, the devil is behind all of it and will use ALL of this to bring it about, as God allows him to. And, politicians SEE the popularity of all of this and are tapping into it to consolidate final power over all the earth, where they do not lose their place in line at the feed trough! P.T. Barnum would be proud!

   Jeremy Rifkin wrote the book, “Biosphere Politics” circa 1991, but the thought process, planning, and organization, in his own words, went back “some 25 years.” Folks that is 1966. And, my O my, what was going on in the ’60s? Add into the ’60s, music by such folks as Ravi Shankar, and other Indian and Tibetan/ Hindu influenced people. You have the roots of Eastern mysticism in our culture. And… it hasn’t died or gone away! Hippies just graduated to BMW’s and tenure!

   Rifkin’s book is 326 pages and is well thought out and put together, as a platform, for political action and infiltration. I’ll try to condense it.

   If Alice Bailey’s writings and teachings are the New Age Bible for doctrine and belief, Rifkin’s book is the New Age bible for political planning and action! It is the platform, and he says so. Look at the section headings and some of the chapters titles and think about the political, nature/earth worship, and global socialistic teachings they have!… and look at today!

Part One: Enclosing the Global Commons- Securing the world, What doth a man profit,  The Harlot and the Machine, A Private Nature, The Electronic Pulse of the Planet, A Price tag on Genes, Environmental Shrapnel, & Icarus and the Great Cataclysm. This is global lock down…antichrist style!

Part Two: Geopolitics and the Death of NatureThe Corporate State, Gunpowder and Global Reach, The Politics of Geography, Geopolitical games, Enclosure of the Nuclear Age, & Gene Wars.  It’s all about control!

Part Three: The Culture of Privacy: Kids, Mirrors & Lawns, Store-Bought & Machine-Made, Homo Consumptor, & Descartes on Wheels.  More control!

Part Four: Securing the Body Whole: The Flight from the Animal Shadow, Morals, Manners, & Menus, Exorcising the Beast, Disconnecting the Senses, Odoriferous Terrors, Oral and Visual Cultures,  The Age of Stimulation.

Part Five: The Coming Biospheric Age– Mechanistic Versus Therapeutic Consciousness, Geosphere to Biosphere, Planetary Rhythms, Reclaiming the Ground of Being, Accounting for the Earth (Environmental responsibility), Biosphere Politics, Multinational Machinations, Disarming the Earth, Opening the Global Commons (Global Socialism and Oneness), and finally, The Third Stage of Human Consciousness.   Mind, military, & monetary!

   His introduction speaks in terms of global security being threatened by natural disasters, nuclear holocaust, and environmental breakdown. See the platform? See it anywhere in the news and politicians today? Rifkin speaks of a “global responsibility” not only to nature and the planet, but in global sharing of resources and wealth, and all of that to be necessarily mandated by political power. So much for peace, harmony, flowers in your hair, and love! He speaks of the ways to re-shape the thinking of the masses into the “new consciousness.” I quote, “Today the public is becoming increasingly aware of the connections that link politics, economics, war making, and the environment.” See all of this as a platform for the anti-christ yet? He further says, “ …however, a new series of environmental problems have emerged that are global in impact and threaten the continued existence of planetary ecosystems and the future of civilization. Global warming ozone depletion, acid rain, deforestations… and species extinction… (and we must see it as a global environmental security problem.)”  Written in…. 1991!

   Now, you may ask, what does any of this have to do with Bible study? And, it might seem, that it has nothing to do with it, but I think it does. Again, the coming “beast” will have a widespread political AND religious platform! He will be slick and seductive, and set himself up as God (2Thess. 2:4) and before that, false teaching will slip in unawares (Jude 4) and lead many astray into believing fables and false doctrines (2Thes. 2:3, 1Tim. 4, & 2Tim. 4:3-5). This stuff is not going to just fall out of the sky one morning, and people say, “Hey that’s neat, let’s try it.” And as in Daniel 3, the end times “beast” ruler, will demand worship (Rev. 13) and set himself up as God. All of what is going on now is, I believe, with all my heart, the culmination, and finishing touch on the platform for the coming anti-christ. It is what we are watching. All the world governments will align with him, and I believe they are aligning themselves and us with this platform today. It all lines up with the Bible!

   To close, read Luke 21:34, 1Thessalonians 5:6, & Romans 13:11-14. Add in Ezekiel 33:1-6. I think we will answer for not teaching and preaching what is going on and calling Christians to awake-ness and greater witnessing! WE ALONE have the Truth, Words of Life, and Light! Let us not be weak, timid, or asleep… but watching… witnessing and working!     Revelation 16:15

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