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New Age Techniques Introduction

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Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Read Proverbs 4:23 & 23:7, Genesis. 6:5

  Now I want to go into their techniques. They prey on unsuspecting, unlearned, saved, OR unsaved people; Silly people (2 Timothy 3:1-6), and Christians who often do not use the AV1611 Bible. Yes, there are some who use other versions who know the KJV, but I’m talking about the proliferation of churches around this nation that have laid aside the preserved and powerful Word of God for fake watered down versions that open doors for the likes of Rick Warren (The Purpose Driven Church, Coexist, & Chrislam, etc.) The shield CANNOT have holes in it, OR be weak, or laid aside. It is that important. IF this is not true, then HOW did this heretical garbage and damnable heresy junk get a foothold? How? Again, I”m not putting down individuals. I AM putting down these fake bibles, put out BY by those who themselves espouse many if not most of what New Agers believe (Westcott & Hort were DEEP into spiritism & the occult). These folks on the revision boards of the other versions SAID they believed this stuff, so what do we expect. Allow in another spirit, of any kind and it will always bring in friends! Now some of their techniques compared to the truth of scripture. (This may take a few lessons to get through this, but that’s OK, we need to get things well established!) PLEASE… read the scripture ref’erences.

  Positive thinking. See Jeremiah 17:9, Proverbs 23:7, Genesis. 6:5, Jeremiah 16:12, Psalm 51:5, 53:1-3, Ecclessiastes. 9:3, Isaiah. 55:8-9, 65:2, & 66:18. NOW read Proverbs 28:26 & Matthew 15:19, Mark 7:21-22, Hebrews 3:12, & James 1:14-15. Look at what God said in 1Chronicles 28:9, and remember that the heart of man, apart from God, the Holy Spirit, and God’s Word is only downward in it’s direction. Remember too, that the spirit of this world will influence the heart of man. But meditate a moment on that word “imagination” (Genesis 6:5) Now look at 1Chronicles 29:18. There it is again, and God says to keep His commandments, or His Word in the heart, in the imaginations. I believe that if there were one verse in the Bible that we could set in front of us to offset New Age satanism, it might be Genesis 6:5, for as you see, this stuff affects the imaginations of the heart, and connects to Genesis 3.

  Now see Proverbs 16:1. Mark 7:20-23 is perhaps a good N.T. passage. But look well to Hebrews. 4:12. NOW we see why the world and the devil want to do away with God’s Preserved Word! IT will cut this stuff up!

  Man, left to his own heart, thoughts, and imaginations, apart from the guidance of the Word of God, is ALWAYS homicidal and suicidal! There is NEVER a spiritual vacuum! All this positive thinking stuff presumes there is good in man’s heart, apart from God, and that that good can, by thinking, overcome the evil. It can’t… and it won’t! Last here, I believe Solomon said it best all through Ecclesiastes. He set his heart to “know” all these things, and in the end, it never worked. The unsaved heart is influenced by Satan and the world.

   Visualization. Close your eyes and project on to your mind the things you are being taught (Like on TV?). Never mind the Bible and truth. THIS is a powerful technique. Once you get this working, which is far deeper than thoughts, there is a deepening of the power.. a foothold becoming a stronghold in the heart and mind. Pictures in the mind are far more powerful and lasting than just thoughts. This is why TV and movies, stick and cause us to have terrible recall. This is also taught in yoga and other eastern mystic religions. Empty yourself into the great cosmic essence and universal spirit. Dizzy yet?

   It can involve such things as visualizing conversations from the past or from the dead. Such dead people become your advisers. Really? Better read 1Samuel 28:1-7. Folks, this stuff is witchcraft repackaged! The Silva Method teaches the practitioner (new age teacher) to construct a mental laboratory in his mind and evoke counselors to assist in diagnosing illnesses. (I go to Walgreen’s) This is nothing less than what Saul did, and it is contacting devils/demons. It is sorcery, divination, necromancy, and witchcraft described in the Bible as having to do with the spiritual realm, and we are TOLD to leave it alone! Leviticus. 19:31, Isaiah. 8:19, 1Timothy 4:1.

   Positive Confession. The practice of confessing with the mouth, out loud, things the individual wants to “create in life.” Before we go further on this one, I’m going to teach you something. We MUST pray out loud, especially when praying about serious powerful spiritual things. Not in front of people, and about things that are very personal, but in our private times, whenever we can, pray out loud. I know, there is going to be push back on this one, but experience and the teaching of other great men of prayer prove this right. Why do Muslims do it… constantly? Speak God’s Word out loud at times of attack. Yes, praying in the mind, is contacting the Holy Spirit, but out loud gives a greater power! Look at Numbers 12:8, 30:2, Dueteronomy. 23:23, Joshua 6:10, Psalm 109:2, 109:30, 119:13, now see 2 Thessalonians. 2:8 & Revelation 19:15. See the power? Read Romans. 10:9-10.

   The confessions of the new age stuff are called “affirmations and decrees.” See a little copying of the Bible? Their idea is that words, spoken out loud have power. Imagine that! Marianne Williamson’s workbook for A Course in Miracles, suggests a different confession for each day of the year. Note this- in confession #70….. “My salvation comes from me.” Really? Damnable heresies, folks!

   Guided Imagery. In this practice, a guide helps the person by use of “fantasy” (another word for imagination) to create situations. They use it for things like connecting to the “universal power:” or looking into past lives. So then… I can plug a lamp in my ear, too? Wrong! Many schools teach it to our children… now!  This is nothing short of what Satan did in Genesis 3, what TV and movies do, and it is the strengthening of an evil strong hold in the heart and mind. Read 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 here and come back. Read Jeremiah 9:13-14, 11:8, 13:10, 16:12, then 18:12. See a progression? Read Jeremiah 23:17. Just keep thinking those good thoughts and all will be well! Wrong! Finish by reading Proverbs. 12:20, Nehemiah. 1:9, & Psalms. 140:1-8.

  ALL new age is anti-god and anti-christ. It is the spirit of this world and the spirit of this age. We must live SO CLOSE to the Lord, and SO COMMITTED that we stand against it, reprove it and witness all the time! ALWAYS carry gospel tracts and pass them out. Pray and speak the Word of God aloud.  KNOW  your Bible! LIVE in your Bible… and prayer!  Be strong in the Lord; awake, aware… and watchmen!  AMEN!

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