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No Natural Understanding of God

No Natural Understanding of God

Romans 3:11 (KJB) There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.

If you think you were born into this world as naturally special, complete with superhuman status, you are dead wrong.  Every person is born into this world as a spiritual pauper, as residents of a spiritual Harlem.  “Spiritual Death Row” is filled with a great population of “spiritually dumb and doomed” inhabitants of this earth.

It’s true, every person, including you, will face physical death one day.

The state of every heart condition is spiritually dead and dormant from the very moment he is born into this world.  This means that there is no natural knowledge of God naturally found at work inside any person from his or her birth.

What, hold on a minute here, you say?  Do you mean every sweet and innocent newborn infant is born into this world in spiritual opposition to God?  Yes, that is exactly what I mean.  It’s true, an infant’s heart is born as spiritually dead and dormant as any adult who does not personally know Jesus Christ.

Every heart is deficient of the presence and power of God from birth, but, the greater spiritual news is that no person must remain living in his or her natural spiritual Harlem.

Latch onto the knowledge that God desires that every man, woman, and child desire to know Him in their heart (2 Timothy 2:4).  God desires to move every heart from residing in the pit of his natural spiritual poverty to an eternal state filled with the presence of great spiritual riches of God made possible through the finished work of His Only Son Jesus Christ upon Calvary.

Yes, God has divinely paved the way for every person to have an eternally rich heart filled with an alive knowledge of God.  It is possible to have a new heart that desires God and spiritually blooms with an eternal understanding of Him.  There is no need for any heart to remain in a spiritual desert or to remain living as residents of a natural Harlem when an oasis of eternal bliss is possible.

Stop right this moment and read about the gift of eternal life given by God and allow it to penetrate the cracks and crevices of your dark and empty heart:

John 3:16 (KJB) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Any person who chooses to ignore God’s eternal revelation of life, clearly presented in this verse and many others in the canon of scripture, chooses to doom himself to the presence of death to reside in his heart forever.  Choosing death, over the spiritual potential of possessing life through the fuel of faith, means a person faces certain physical death in this world and eternal spiritual death.  Choosing death in this world leaves no possibility of possessing personal fellowship with God in the eternal realm.

It’s true, by his personal choice, a man is either dooms himself to die or he chooses to open God’s gift of eternal life.

Open your shuttered heart for God desires to fill your naturally empty vessel with His great eternal wisdom and rich perpetual blessings.  God desires to remove the presence of eternal spiritual death and breathe new life into your heart and mind.  Yes, He desires to fill your empty heart with His perpetual eternal bliss.  Accept His gift of life and live forever, both physically in this world and to be spiritually present with God in the eternal realm after facing imminent physical death in this world.





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