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Not A Mamma’s Boy

October 10, 2021

Not A Mamma’s Boy

Proverbs 16:9 (KJV) A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

The leading and direction of a publically professing man of God are critical, especially true for a man who stands in the pulpit.  Indeed, any man who led to step up the podium must be a humbled man of God whom the Spirit of God leads to commit to teaching and preaching to others. 

It is easy for an overburdened preacher to fall back on his understanding, but that is not how God desires any called preacher to make decisions and direct his congregation. God must be at the forefront, and prayerful communication with Him highlighted in every decision and path. Otherwise, it is no longer God’s church but one run by humanity, a self-serving church with rules established and direction found on this earth.

At a young age, a son receives correction and direction from a parent, often their momma.  Those who look in the long term to their momma can become a momma’s boy.  However, as a son grows and matures in Christ, he leaves his parents’ authority and leadership collectively, becoming a child of God.  Yes, a child with a softened soul learns to sit and pray at God’s feet for his preferred pathway in this life in preparation for witnessing to others the potential for possessing eternal life.  However, a child raised without honoring and serving God finds answers to life’s situations in this world. Apart from God, whether it influences by a parent, friend, stranger, or another member of his immediate family, a man can be persuaded to swerve from the decrees and direction given by God.  Such a swayed man should never enter any pulpit ministry.

A sincere preacher is undoubtedly not a mamma’s boy but matures into a solid man of God.  Each genuine child of God must remove himself from being led by any strange spirit, no matter its origin, and allow God alone to show him the desired pathway and direction for himself, his family, and his congregation. 

The Lord directs the step of every child of God; however, a spiritual maturing appointed preacher of God must learn to receive his strength, direction, and spiritual stamina from God in dealing with every situation of life, no longer turning to his mamma for child-like guidance and advice about spiritual things and in leading God’s people and church.

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