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Not Being Saved

February 16, 2020

Not Being Saved

1 Corinthians 1:18 (KJB) For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

Verbs are essential players in the reading of correct context in any sentence.  It is also true that grammar and punctuation from ancient times can be much different from that accepted as right today.  The historical background of verses, together with proper application, punctuation, and grammar are crucial to understanding what God has revealed in ancient times, often to the nation of Israel, followers, and various prophets, and was both inspired and recorded for us to consider and apply in our lives today.

Please consider this critical scripture verse does not say unto us being saved….. Instead, it says “unto us which are saved…

Wow, what a big difference properly worded emphasis makes.  One implies salvation is a process, while the other infers salvation is a “one and done” event.

The verb usage “are” here implies the work of salvation is in the past tense and is already accomplished.  In other words, the act of salvation is not a spiritual event taking place moment by moment in any person’s life.  The saving action of God is indeed a one and done spiritual transaction fully accomplished on Calvary.  The act of salvation of any individual soul is never a process over time; it is a spiritual gift of God personally applied once for all sin.

Many well-meaning people get the meaning of the words salvation and sanctification confused.  I hope this helps you if you are one whose thoughts are jumbled and confused concerning the proper application of these biblical-based terms.

Sanctification is a lifetime process of cleansing a saved soul aligned in spiritual agreement with the nature of God. 

Salvation is a one-time soul binding agreement with God (eternal potential was accomplished by the finished work of Jesus Christ). It concerns the nature of sin and death. Salvation must be applied personally to spiritually softened souls.

Spiritually speaking, agreeing with God about sin and death allows His power and presence to will and work inside softened souls forever.  Choosing not to align with God is spiritual opposition to God and a foolish maneuver with eternal consequences for every lost soul.

Every spiritually sound soul consents to God’s power and presence to will and work in their hearts.  Saved souls find delight in the moment of salvation and continual sanctification by God as they live for Him in this world.  Foolish souls ignore Jesus Christ’s finished work on Calvary, choosing to remain spiritually dirty and to face death in the grip of sin.

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