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Not Tomorrow’s Bread

May 17th, 2018

Not Tomorrow’s Bread

Matthew 6:11 (KJB) Give us this day our daily bread.

This concept of today’s bread is certainly hard to put in its proper perspective in this world.

Often, we have in our hands today’s bread and that necessary for the next few days.  If you look in many of our cupboards we have enough food to last at least a few days, if not weeks.  Our gas tank often has enough fuel to travel a few hundred miles rather than just cost down to the end of the street.

Even our dogs and other pets are well supplied with food, treats, and even toys enough to last quite comfortably for several days.  In some cases, pets fare much better than some humans!

To think about having just our daily bread and nothing more sounds like we would be at a critical stage of life, having not more than enough to make it.  Like living life on the edge and are barely making it through with not more than enough to cover even basic needs.

Yet, there are many who often simply do not have not enough to meet their own physical demands.  There are many crying out for sustenance and relief in the throes of the deserts and pits found in this dark and harsh world.  There are many in need within our own towns and neighborhoods who are not able to amply satisfy their own needs on their own merit who are caught up in the hopelessness of today and see nothing but impossibilities in line for tomorrow.

But these extremes of having too little or too much are not what God had in mind for us to learn in this verse He divinely inspired for our maturing process and learning.  Rather, He Jesus is requesting, or petitioning, of God for our perfect provision.  He is asking for just enough to meet daily physical needs of today and again will make the same request for our every tomorrow, and of course meeting our needs for all eternity!

Just think for a moment if every person alive on this earth made a personal heartfelt request unto God and were given just enough to satisfy their every need.  What if every person had enough food, enough money, enough clothing, enough medicine, enough of whatever was necessary physically to meet their daily requirements, there would be many more physically satisfied people alive in this world.

However, before a man or woman of God can be found to be physically satisfied with their needs of today, he often must first be spiritually satisfied inside a personal relationship with God.

God can grandly meet your every need, today, tomorrow, and every day into the future within the parameters of a prayerful personal relationship with Him.  Through Jesus Christ, God desires to give you a generous portion of the bread of life each day.

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