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Physical Death, Spiritual Death

May 31, 2020

Physical Death, Spiritual Death

James 2:26 (KJB) For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

Physical death separates the body from the soul.

Spiritual death separates a spiritually lost soul from fellowship with God.

This scripture verse tells us that faith alone without works is dead.  This truth, in particular, is vital for every professing Christian to ponder in his or her profession of faith and practice before God.  Genuine faith always accompanies sincere works all for bringing honor and glory to God.  If a person’s faith is rooted in foolishness, his spiritual state is not in proper eternal alignment with God.

This verse contrasts two different types of death, with God and without God.  Each type is essential to comprehend and to keep at the forefront of our minds as we live and serve in this world.  The truth is that many people are confused about death, what happens immediately following death, and what takes place in eternity. 

Many people often do not comprehend the truth about death, both physical and spiritual death.

Many souls refuse to ponder death, especially concerning the impending nature of his or her physical death, and perhaps many only loosely consider the quality of their works before God. 

Many times an ethical and moral person does not give much thought to the state of their heart and, in the case of a sincerely regenerated heart, perhaps does not consider the quality of his or her work offered before God.  However, this scripture points out the impending nature of death and the importance of it, whether it be of a physical or spiritual nature.

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