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Political Platforms 2 – Read Ezek. 28:1-19

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Political Platforms 2 – Read Ezek. 28:1-19

  Instead of taking up more lessons with the intricate details in Rifkin’s book, Biosphere Politics, I will skip to the last chapter. You will see it clearly in all that is going on today. I also hope you will see the absolute truth of 2Thess. 2, and Who it is that “letteth” (an old English word for “withholding” or letting what he will) as the Holy Spirit, in the Church, that is still in this world. Folks, when 1Thess. 4 happens, and we born again Christians (the true Church) AND the Holy Spirit, Who now holds back the evil that is to come, leave, the evil that is to come… will come, as a flood (Ps. 90:5, Is. 28:2, Jer. 46:7, Amos 8:8, Rev. 12:12) and there will be nothing and no one to sound an alarm of truth OR stop it! And, lastly, here, I want you to remember that in 2Thess. 2 we are taught that the coming evil one is now shrouded in anonymity and secrecy, and will come forth out of a great group of someones and something. I believe we are seeing, tho not all of it, a great part of it in the seduction of New Age teaching! And, by the way, I believe that there is a double teaching in the environmental judgments in Revelation! Perhaps God is saying that not only is He destroying that which He cursed in Genesis 3, but telling these earth worshiping God-haters that He will destroy that which they worship right before their very eyes!

  In our passage above, God is speaking clearly of an extra-terrestrial power (Lucifer/Satan/the Devil), and did you notice V4-5, 7, & 17 the mention of wisdom and understanding? New Agers claim to have super-power, hidden, wisdom, and understanding (see the definition of “esoteric”). It is crystal clear who is behind the New Age religion, and it isn’t God or Jesus Christ! Satan has long wanted to rule the entire earth under one possessed man, and he is about to get it. Look at Rifkin’s final words and remember well, he wrote this all in 1991!!!!!

   “Moving beyond geopolitics, to a new biospheric politics will require more than good intentions and expressions of goodwill. It has become acceptable, even fashionable, in FIRST-world countries (like the USA; emphasis added by me) to think of the planet as… Gaia; to acknowledge the importance of the biosphere and begin using terms like sustainability and stewardship…. Already multinationals are reorienting their corporate images to incorporate the green theme, and politicians are jumping on the environmental bandwagon professing their concern over the fate of the earth. Biospheric consciousness and politics mean far more than a sensitivity to cleaning up the environment. In the biosphere culture, life-style itself becomes a political issue, as citizens in each earth community begin to draw the connections between personal consumption choices and the effects those choices have on the environmental health of the planet and economic well being of people in other lands…. Bioregional politics places the interests of humanity and the biosphere above personal whims and caprices. By establishing a sense of grounding, in a local bioregion, people are making a political commitment to use only their fair share of the earth’s resources….  Changing minds and political powers! Now read further and see if you’ve heard any of this lately….

  He uses terms like stewardship of energy use, radical energy reduction, and conservation, highest priority to bioregional politics, or individual countries mandating new age policies on energy, pollution, and global sharing of resources and wealth. Further he speaks of cattle ranching destroying the earth and forests and thus destroying the biosphere. He says that the “human species” (referencing that humans evolved from animals) must develop a kindred spirit with the rest of the animal kingdom, and treat them humanely and see the god spirit in them also, as well as plant life! Heard any of this lately? He further speaks of biospheric consciousness, the new politics of extended communities, a new biospheric political agenda, and a new green political movement to open the global commons (referring to no national boundaries, etc.) I remind you, he wrote this in 1991, out of thoughts going back to 1966. Ah, but FIRST, get it into the minds…THEN the laws of the land, and WORLD!

   Lastly, he speaks of biospheric security, a demand for a more equitable sharing of Earth’s resources as mandated by governments, and sharing with all earth’s inhabitants, humans, and animals. He speaks of a “nature-for-debt program” in governments where the debt for money loaned to other nations will be forgiven if they preserve rain forests and other biospheric resources. Tax dollars… for control! This is already being done, folks, in these World Summit, “G” meetings!!!! With this he speaks of governments taking over more and more land to keep it out of the hands of farmers and other “destroyers of the biosphereeven if it means less food! Nice folks! Let people die, but save the plants and dirt! And MANDATE it and DO it by force. Kill babies, but protect frogs! No Bible & no God!! See the antichrist in here anywhere? ALL of this is in direct contradiction to what God said in Gen. 1:26-28 and elsewhere. Read this and think about the recent battles with ranchers in the western US.

  “Western ranchers lease millions of acres of public rangeland for a fraction of the worth on the open market. Lumber companies lease public lands… and are reaping huge profits.. as do oil companies, etc. The American people will have to see themselves as guardians of the nation’s ecological endowment and be willing to exercise stringent control over the commercial use of public lands. (AND) the very idea of private ownership of part or all of an ecosystem is inimical to biospheric political thinking. IN the new biospheric age, human beings belong to the earth rather than the earth belonging to human beings.” (Rifkin; 1991) Well, so much for what GOD said!

   There must be a new “economic order”,” a new international spearhead of political power to bring about the re-thinking process, and all living creatures are perceived as having sacred as well as utilitarian value. Spiritual ecology will have to be paramount. He also speaks as the U.N. being the central controlling body! Imagine that!

   I could go on, but you get the picture. Do you see it in politics now… yet? This is earth worship and throwing God out. Period. Read Rom. 1 (worshiping what?) & 2Pet. 2 & 3. There are environmental implications to what Peter wrote.. and his book is near the end of the Bible for a reason.   All of this confirms, even more, the veracity of your Bible!      Ps. 86:11 & 1Thess. 5:6-9

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