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Political Platforms 3 – National

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Political Platforms 3 – National

Read 2Pet. 3:10-11

   I really wanted to end the political side of this with the last lesson, but I just cannot. New Agers are SO politically powerful and involved that I believe we fail to see how much they have influenced our government, how much a part of it they are, including the policies and laws that are made. They want to shape the future. I also want you to see, after the last lesson where we discussed the writing of Biosphere Politics (Jeremy Rifkin) in 1991, and the fact that he said his book was from 25 years of work, how we will now come to one last book, written even before that! Here is a lesson on their National political platform. We will have one more after this on their Global/Planetary platform and goals.

  Another well known new age writer is Mark Satin. He wrote a book titled “New Age Politics, Healing Self and Society.” (You see, they feel that the Christian teachings have put folks in a “prison” and hurt folks, and THEY want to heal the world of such foolishness!) He wrote what we will discuss in… 1978. These folks have been at this quite a while. They teach in colleges and high schools, are powerful with money and influence with politicians, and are even in government offices, shaping laws and changing our nation from a God fearing, One Nation, Under God, to a Hindu, Buddhist, pantheistic, earth and self worshiping ideology. Heard any of this lately??? TV? Commercials?

   First, their political platforms are well thought out and intricate. So much so, it seems, after reading through them, they were made by a being perhaps not of this world. They also have a God-rejecting agenda; to eradicate the Bible, and the Truth, so that their false teachings can have the total minds of all peoples on this earth. Satin’s section on his political platform (ch. 24) runs some 20 pages, and it is NOT in large print! Here are his opening words in this chapter. I want you to see how they speak to influencing minds, thoughts, and lifestyles… and finally, laws; in that order!

   “Laws cannot substitute for the transformation of the minds, hearts, and self-perceptions of the American people. … What are some of the specific measures that we might want to support after we have begun to get free from the “prison?” What are some of the measures that might contribute to the healing of society?” A NEW CONSCIOUSNESS and THINKING PROCESS!Let me say clearly, that without Jesus Christ and the Bible, no amount of teaching or education, if it is earth and self-centered will EVER heal any society. ALL outside of God, Christ, and the Bible will only lead to… the man of sin, promising world peace & security! No Bibles, folks! SOCIETAL BREAKDOWN!

   He divided his suggested platform into sections: National Affairs & Planetary Affairs. (You see, as I have shown, they want to have THEIR MAN rule the world, so their political agendas are always global in scope). Within the National Affairs (the U.S.) their subdivisions are Ethics (theirs, not God’s), Income & Welfare, Finance & Money (control and redistribution), Business & Industry, Population (control and reduction), Labor, Agriculture, The Environment, Energy, Science & Technology, The Future, Human Rights, Animal Rights, & Civil Liberties, Crime & Punishment, Youth, the Aged, and the Family, Consumers, Transportation, Health, Education, Housing, The Media, Government Reform (and transformation; their word, not mine), and Localization & Regionalization.  Seen it lately… in 2014? ALL from 1978!

  Briefly, within their subdivisions, here is what they espouse. (See if you recognize any of them and how FAR they have progressed): There must be a sense of the holiness of creation. (Funny, they promote things like abortion and homosexuality in all of this!) Gradually our laws must be consistent with this ethical and political “value.” (This term “values,” instead of absolutes; and statutes, commandments, judgments (Ps. 119) was not around until they got them into the national political narrative! Shape the narrative, and you shape the thinking/mind-set of the people!) Establish BOTH minimum AND MAXIMUM income levels. Heard that lately? Any income over the maximum would be automatically taken by the government and given to those who need it. Replace welfare and Social Security with minimum subsistence incomes provided and controlled by the government. All businesses & corporations over a certain amount of net worth will have the excess taken by the government and given to others who might want to start a business. (This means we will soon be driving Yugo’s) Set specific population levels that MUST be maintained. Do so by determination of who needs medical care and who is not going to be a worthy participant in society or contributor to it! Increase birth control subsidies, abortions, and parenthood planning. (All government funded) Ensure abortions are available to all women who want them, regardless of AGE or consent of parent or guardian. (Seen that lately? This was written, in 1978). Pass equal rights laws for women so that women can define themselves as more than homemakers and bearers of children. End illegal immigration by eliminating borders. Control the total amount of land one can own. No one has the right to own more than a certain amount of acres. Above those levels, it will be taken and given to… the poor. (I thought there wouldn’t BE any more POOR people? Maybe I missed something.) Begin a group called Amnesty International. Write laws to restrict and regulate the rights of property owners to include the minerals (water, etc. Owned by the government, Not the landowner) AND ownership of the air. Place higher taxation of non-renewable energy. Increase the COSTS of such energy BY taxation to force people to stop polluting the environment. Phase out All nuclear power. Limit energy consumption of all households. Write laws that give animals and plants the same rights as humans (does not apply to the unborn). Write laws that support and protect the sexual rights and preferences of all, to do as they choose. Ensure that day-care is provided by the government. Tax automobiles/vehicles by weight and environmental impact. Establish a NATIONAL HEALTH CARE system and add the right to die. Begin educational controls to teach the stewardship of the planet and teach about the “higher self.” Control the media to eliminate all bias. I’ve left out a lot for space.

   ALL of this throws God & the Bible out. Let us not sleep or be afraid to scare folks with the truth!  Lu. 12:37-40

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