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Putting the Spiritual Cart Before the Horse

April 30, 2017

Putting the Spiritual Cart Before the Horse

Proverbs 21:3 (KJB)   To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.

Righteousness and judgement are vital and eternally entwined in the perfect character of God.  He is both a righteous God as well as a God who must judge sin.  Making godly decisions, having a direction based upon God’s commandments and precepts, and offer willing sacrifices are all important as the man and woman of God mature and sojourn in this world.

Heartfelt obedience is more vital in the life of a child of God than the spiritually important act of offering sacrifice to God.

There are many professing Christians in this world who are willing to sacrifice precious time on Sunday morning to attend church and even practice a biblical tithe by sacrificing in their finances.  They understand the concept of surrendering and desire to bring sacrifices to honor and glory to God. However, perhaps the overall direction of their life Monday through Saturday does not match with their giving of “Sunday only sacrifices” and their utterance of faith and trust in God.

God is more interested in establishing day to day heartfelt obedience rather than launching a meaningless habit of rote sacrifice by spiritually immature children of God. A personal relationship with God is always a self-surrendering “act of faith” relationship where foremost a man or woman is willing and eager to be obedient to things of God.  Only as a child of God grows and applies God’s holy character in his or her day to day living will their personal relationship mature.  Only then will both obedience and the giving of sacrifices honoring God bloom and grow together, thereby spiritually coloring the life of the child of God.

Sometimes Christians are both encouraged and spiritually harmed by placing the horse before the cart in many cash-strapped empty churches today.  A personal relationship with God grows and matures in a spiritual economy which is not necessarily bound together with the collection plate and the filling up of empty seats in a building.

God has an order for eternal spiritual growth which does not always line up with man’s own ideas and estimations found at work in this world.

God desires both obedience and sacrifice in the life of every man and woman of God.  However, obedience to God’s precepts and commandments always precludes the giving of godly sacrifices.

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