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Rejection of The Gospel

2 Thessalonians 2:11 (KJB) And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.

A sin-filled heart opposes God, and for any person who chooses to continually reject His truth, God sends strong delusions to cloud and complicate his or her mind in making it impossible for a lost and disobedient person to comprehend Truth.

“This” mentioned in the above verse alludes to the purpose or reason for God choosing to reject some people. Indeed, any case requiring His rejection is not something God takes lightly.  God offers multiple occasions for every lost heart to hear and receive His gospel message. However, there comes a time in which God must cast disobedient souls away.

When a man chooses to repeatedly reject God, he discards any opportunity to exist in sweet spiritual understanding and eternal fellowship with God.  A lost state of heart matters significantly upon physical death. Should a person die without personally knowing God, he or she will never again have an opportunity to exist in a personal relationship with Him.

Not only that but any person given strong delusions about God will fall precariously into lies compliments of the wicked heart of the god of this world.  Instead of becoming intimately familiar with Truth a lost man will be spoon fed lies and deceit “cooked up” by the dark agenda of the god of this world.

Every person has a choice to hear and accept the Truth of God and be spiritually alive in fellowship with Him forever.  Or to reject the commandments and teachings of God and die both physically and spiritually and enter eternity as a resident of Hell forever.  God will allow delusion and great spiritual misunderstanding to work in the life of disobedient hearts.

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