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Rejoice Evermore

February 22nd, 2019

Rejoice Evermore

1 Thessalonians 5:16 (KJB) Rejoice evermore.

We live in a wicked land of happy hours, adventures, and much time set aside for such hoopla and celebration.  This time of festivity is a lot of fun to many people, especially those with unregenerate hearts.  Alcohol is not looked upon with favor and festivity in God’s Word.  In fact, a lot of wicked things happened in ancient times because of the presence of consuming alcohol.

God does tell us to rejoice evermore.  However, God does not box the presence of happiness and joy with having a palatable condition, an event, a bar tab, or a festive atmosphere. God’s joy and happiness are independent of alcohol, our circumstances, or a time of celebration.

A child of God can always rejoice because he is in sweet fellowship with God.  Real joy is only found in a personal relationship with God.  This eternal joy is despite any event, atmosphere, or situation at work in our life.  A child of God can find real joy in the midst of ongoing trials and troubles.

I hope you are a genuine child of God who can find joy in any circumstance, whether it be a mundane day, a trial, a task, or an opportunity to testify about God.  A sincere Christian will delight in every situation while a “Lemonade Christian” will wear a sour countenance when the going gets rough in this world.

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