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Right Hand, Left Hand

May 31st, 2019

Right Hand, Left Hand

Ecclesiastes 10:2 (KJB) A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.

The Bible does make a distinction between right and left as found in a few places in His Word.  The most recognizable one is when Jesus Christ sat down at the right hand of God His Father. Why, the right-hand position, you may ask?  Doing so signifies that Jesus Christ was finished with the spiritual work given of God on this earth and in perfect fellowship with God and sitting down had completed the will of God upon Calvary.

Did you note that Jesus Christ did not just sit anywhere; front, back, left-hand side of His Father, but on the right-hand side of Him on His throne.  Perhaps then, there is a notable spiritual difference between positions of right and left?

This verse in Ecclesiastes, penned by Solomon, delineates a wise man’s heart from the heart of a foolish man by its location, whether he be found on the left or right.  Is this position in close association, or relation to the location of God and man?  That is a great question and one we may not know the answer to this side of heaven.

It is well known that most people are born right-handed rather than left-handed. Left-handedness is often seen by a man as physical weakness, while right handedness often implies a sign of strength and dexterity.  Why is this? Is the difference in left and right based on a man’s reasoning including ancient thoughts from King Solomon, or are they derived from truths as found in God’s Word?

To muddy the waters further, clearly, the left position in politics is seen as a liberal, and often situated far from God in adopting a world-based viewpoint, while the right of center politically, is commonly viewed as more closely aligned with moderation and morality.  Does this distinction stem from being right, rather than left, as in being closer in agreement with God?

Is comparing the state of one’s heart in like manner in using parameters of left, and right?  With a right heart said to be in fellowship with God while a left-leaning heart is perceived as being out of fellowship with God?  Though we must be careful in thinking we can view the state of hearts like God, and we must be careful not to box God in by attempting to define left versus right as we understand from our limited vantage point for He is bigger than any directional constraint.  Certainly, though, we can agree that there is a right and wrong (left?) position associated with the character and holiness of God.


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