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Satan’s Musical Manifesto

Satan’s Musical Manifesto


You too will begin asking yourself what is that I hear?

Never doubt for a moment that music has both a power and a presence.  Music was created by God to carry out His purpose through Satan, who was fashioned as a godly musically endowed being, as divinely defined in Ezekiel 28:13, before his pride filled fall from fellowship with God.

However, now existing on this earth satan peddles his personal brand of music using his dark musical manifesto.  It is his ungodly agenda at work in broadly in this world.  Just as a robber or a serial killer may have a plan, or a manifesto used in carrying out his or her agenda, satan has a dark musical agenda with a purpose to affect as many lives as possible whether it be a man, woman, or child, often existing unaware in this world.

Yes, music can be heavenly intentioned in nature bearing the perpetual light and truth of God.  Or, music can instill a wicked leaning nature and occupy the opposite end of the spiritual spectrum and be aligned spiritually with the god of this world.  Dark and deadly tunes are always the spiritual handiwork of satan, who is the dark god of this world.  Music is a tool frequently employed by him and his spiritual brand of minions.  His music can release a host of streaming dark spiritual drama and demise freely flowing into the hearts and minds of many naive people alive on this earth.

God’s Word decrees that His spiritual family give preference to Christ and His Word and His “eternal brand” of godly music allowing it to waft in and occupy first place in our mind and our heart.  Doing this allows a child of God a much needed spiritual benefit from music’s harmonious heart and head work in our life:

Colossians 3:16 (KJB) Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

Yes, godly music is both a blessing and a benefit and spiritually vital for the proper worship and adoration of God.

Wicked music is an opposing number which is outrageously spiritually skewed and deranged for accomplishing the dark and twisted plan in satan’s musical manifesto.  Satan is the dark and twisted author of deranged music and god of this world.

Music is never found to be neutral or impartial in nature but it always embodies a power for accomplishing that which God allows; whether it be for good or for evil purposes, according to His will and way.  God always controls both ends, or the entire range of the musical gamut, even in times when music seems to be spiritually wandering out of control.

Nothing happens with the power and presence of music unless God allows it to happen.

I have taken some time to peer through the “rear view mirror” of my life to consider the spiritual implications of an ungodly musical season,  I  was addicted to all “flavors of music.” I allowed this idolatry to prosper and thrive in my mind and occupy a place, or a stronghold, inside my heart.  This unruly season of dark music and undesirable actions certainly affected both my heart, my outward actions, as well as the lives of other people around me.  Most importantly my choice to “dance with the devil” distanced myself from the grace of God and affected the lives both of professing Christians and lost people about me.

1 Corinthians 6:12 (KJB) All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

The power of wicked music, if allowed, can suck a person into its vacuum of beats and soothing rhythm.  However, keep in mind not all music draws a person into the presence of a dark and evil disposition.  Some work for good, but certainly, the wrong music was a big part of my life.  It occupied my ears literally from the moment I woke up to the time I want to bed.  My ears were continuously filled to overflowing with many varieties of music, with most being spiritually skewed and having a host of addicting harmonies and voodoo beats, I listened to old favorites and new popular artists ranging in genre from AC DC (hard to believe but was my all time favorite), to Eminem, Snoop DOg, to Trace Adkins, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, Le Chic, Vanilla Ice, even oldies like “The Twist’ with Chubby Checker and at times I laced my day with church camp songs I learned and took to heart a long ago.

As you can see my musical influence transpired far and wide and was certainly mixed between multiple genres.

There even came a time in my life in which I could not listen to any kinds of upbeat music without choosing to dance in rhythm to the back beat found in most of my preferred music.  Whether it was dancing inside my house, or on top of a chair at a venue, or on top of a picnic table in an outdoor atmosphere.  Even yet today the back beat will affect me adversely if I let it control me. Music was definitely a besetting sin working overtime in my life.  Besetting sins affect many.  Most often the most miserable person is the Christian who is far out of spiritual harmony and step with God.  Like me, a wayward person can easily choose to “cave in” to the desires of their sinful nature, and yes it is fun for a season, but it turns a person aside from having proper fellowship, grace, and spiritual closeness with God.

Yes, it certainly is fun to serve a favorite sin for a season and fun I did have!

Mark this down and meditate about this truth, every person, saved and lost, has an issue(s) with a besetting sin or an addiction or two which need to be spiritually sorted out according to the foundation of the commandments and precepts of God because foremost it is an offense to Him.  Secondly sinning in any “flavor” harms oneself and others.  In a softened heart, sin can bring remorse to the sinner by the incessant poking and prodding of his or her conscience, perhaps moving them to humbly come before God asking to eliminate the offending sin(s) from their life.

Your “flavor” of sin might be much different than mine, but you too have “favorite sins” that affect your walk and can cause you to wander away from things of God.  Asking God to eliminate the sin and choosing to move closer to Him is the answer.  Only then can a person be in right fellowship with God and by extension, others about them.

Praise God He promises to never leave us or forsake His own!

Do you know that a genuine child of God cannot possibly remove him or her self from having a personal relationship with God or from His loving arms of grace, love, and mercy, it does not matter what his offense(s) are!  Seriously, think about Prodigal Son and his walk into a self-guided spiritual darkness for a time.  Every child of God has been signed, sealed, and delivered into spiritual preference with God.  Professing to be a child of God comes with spiritual and moral benefits, a responsibility before God, and includes His supernatural eradication process for ridding the evil ways of the god of this world and for the continuous process of choosing to put on of God’s heavenly nature.

God’s Word tells us that the fruit of His Spirit is an expected natural outcome in the life of a professing Christian:

Galatians 5:22-24 (KJB) But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. 24 And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.

I was out of a proper spiritual relationship with God choosing to “dance in my sin.”  This was certainly fun for a time, but the prevailing crime against God soon took a toll on my life, my relationships, producing only dark and spoiled fruit rather than bearing precious and sweet fruit of God.

While it is true that a professing Christian does not have instant perfection while sojourning on this earth, he or she can be walking closer and closer to God with every new day.

However, for any person with a hardened heart, the Truth of God is often repressed and ignored until finally the sinner’s conscious becomes seared and unmoved by the presence of sin which continues to burgeon and grow becoming a bigger and bigger problem in their life.  He or she cannot serve God for their heart is filled with sin and they possess nothing of God.

Receiving a new and spirit filled heart condition with a new life in Christ is not merely as simple as speaking about God, believing in God, or saying a prayer, being baptized, or employing a shake of a magic wand to enable a person to stand perfect and sin free.  A man, woman, or child with a renewed heart will not be found living spiritually perfect and sinless, other than in God’s future estimation, this side of heaven.

A genuine Christian who has taken many steps backward, as I did with music, can choose to stand in a right direction or position with Christ through the empowerment of His supernatural power and presence working in his or her life.  This is in spite of the presence of any adverse circumstances or temptations.  This is made possible through the availability of Jesus Christ’s shed blood to whosoever desires it along with the application of it through His great gift of grace and mercy.

I chose to listen to musical garbage and subjecting my ears to its destructive tunes while walking proudly on this darkened pathway for a season.  In retrospect, or in my”rear view mirror” these various kinds or “flavors of music” I once enjoyed, are now being shredded and torn and slowly dissipated from my mind, being replaced by memorizing verses of God’s Word, developing a growing new Godly perspective which touches every aspect of my life, and employing His supernatural power into all things, especially music.

Perhaps this delve into all things about music will help your perspective of music to change from satan’s point of view which agrees with this world to hearing music like God.does.

In this new devotional series, Satan’s Musical Manifesto I am going to help you to uncover, hear, and aptly apply the foundational truth God gives us about music.  God’s take is certainly the spiritual bottom line or the absolute authority prevailing over all “flavors” of music.  This much needed musical discernment is a giant step forward in my personal relationship with God.  The giant choral arena at work in this world is filled with many musical maladies, misfits and spiritual oddities which capture the ears and attention of many unsuspecting people.

Yes, you will learn a lot as you begin to better discern music and apply God’s “check point filter” or “biblical gate” to anything labeled music in this world.

This beneficial spiritual exercise has been both an eye and ear opener for me and you and helps to uncover the true biblical origins pertaining to all music.  Follow along with me as we discover the biblical roots and expose a greater spiritual understanding of all that matters musically, both according to the wicked agenda of Satan in this world and including the playing of music inside God’s church.

I am simply shocked in looking back when hearing some of the lyrics I never before took the time to hear or understand exactly what was being sung. Which brings me to the point- did you know that there is a vast difference between listening to music and hearing music?

Listening to music captures a man’s undivided attention while simply just hearing music is often merely nothing more than unfiltered background noise.  Daily, our ears may hear all sorts of noise, including bells, whistles, alarms, and all sorts of music.  Our ears continually take in both natural and man-made noise.  Most of the noises we hear are often nothing more than “air pollution” or background noises.  Our mind automatically sorts and determines whether we really hear or listen or various noises.  Some noises are soft and delicate, while others assault, bruise, and batter our ears with explicit darkness on a repeated basis.  Sometimes the difference between the two can be identified by what has, or has not, ventured to capture our hard-pressed attention as we are often good at tuning in and out of a variety of random noises and background filler commonly found in our busy, and often brutal environment. The various sounds we hear, words, music, or whatever is simply found in our routine environment, often seem to enter into our ears and leave again almost as quickly as we draw a new breath.  Often, an overextended and busy person does not choose to recognize the origin of a noise or even must strain to precisely hear what has been said by another in a conversation, a speech, or sung as words of a song.  That is why a person may recognize the tune or a few words of a song but not be as intimately familiar with its exact wording.

So, as we try to “tune out” noises in this brash and busy world we will plan on developing our next installment to better define what God’s Word says about the biblical origins of music according to God’s spiritual measurement.  Certainly, you understand that not all music is bad or imparts the wrong attitude for one whole book of the Bible has been set aside as a book of musical Psalms.

The second devotion in this new series Satan’s Musical Manifesto will be titled Music: What Does God’s Word Have to Say? Join me to begin this journey of digging into God’s Word to discover both what God has to say and command us concerning musical matters.


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