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Satan’s Musical Manifesto – What Does God’s Word Have to Say

What Does God’s Word Have to Say About Music?


John 1:1-3 (KJB) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

It is remarkable to think that just two hundred years ago the world was significantly quieter and more reserved before the introduction of “swing music” and as the years went by the forties and fifties ushered in other new sounds of rock and roll rhythms, voodoo beats then entered the musical stage, along with raucous rap music penetrating into many young musical preferences in this world.  Up until a few hundred years ago, it was more common to hear biblical hymns, ballads, and folk songs sung throughout this land.  Today, however, the predominant and prevalent music in the arena often contains loud and boisterous musical wickedness compliments of none other than satan.  Satan’s tunes are popular and employed in an attempt to drown out any music having a proper reverence for God with the sole purpose of bringing honor and glory to Him.  Satan twists mankind’s attention to rest upon his great musical mayhem slyly cloaked in spiritual darkness and aligned with many evil works.

Today we must first draw our attention to what God has to say in His Word concerning music.

Let’s begin with the spiritual foundation regarding music as divinely recorded in God’s Word.  The Bible tells us that God created satan as an innate musical being complete with tabrets and pipes found to be present and playable from within him.  Satan was truly fashioned by God as a musical creature.  Not only was satan able to play music but as it reverberated from within him he came to understand music’s great presence and power.  In fact, it is his brand of music that is most often playing in this world.  If you give satan a musical inch into your life he will take a mile, all the while working heartily to destroy all that he can with his dark and devilish brand of melodious abilities.

Yes, music is never an inanimate thing as music has been divinely ascribed as having the power of both good and evil.

Satan and his innate musical existence as created by God and described in his Word:

Ezekiel 28:13 (KJB) Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

Satan is truly a talented musical creature.  In fact, some might say that prior his sinful fall from heaven he was in fact the “unofficial angelic choir director” of heaven.  Though God’s Word does not spell this exact title out, undoubtedly, he was supernaturally fashioned as inherently musically inclined.  The original intention for his gift of music was exclusively for bringing honor and glory to God in the heavenly realm.  However, he fell from this glorious position because of his pride and choice to sin.  Satan and his innate musical ability fell to earth when God kicked him out of the heavenly realm.  The Bible does not give us an exact timeframe of his fall but describes it as like a shooting star falling to earth.  All we know is that at some point, satan chose to alter the spiritual flavor of his music from that of repeatedly bringing praises and glory and honor to God, to being a noisy publication filled with darkness, pride, and rebellion:

Isaiah 14:12-14 (KJB) How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

Yes, pride was with satan’s sinful spiraling downfall.  Because of his spiritual opposition to God, he and a portion of his dark angels of music made their first forced appearance upon this earth, as other of his dark angels were bid by God to spend their time imprisoned in chains, until  their release according to the time of Christ’s imminent return to this earth.

It is true that satan’s musical ability never left him as he fell and is now used to bring dishonor and disgrace to God from his temporary perch on this earth.  God’s intention for music was always to have only good and positive spiritual benefits, however, like all things since his fall, satan twists and torments with his own brand of music corresponding to his own dark and deadly agenda for capturing the hearts and minds of countless and unsuspecting mankind.

I am sure you know that after his fall satan arrived in the infamous lush paradise named the Garden of Eden, as God’s Word states, and you also likely know, he certainly wasted no time in mixing his musically inclined attributes into stirring up a spiritually deadly conversation with an innocent woman named Eve.

Satan slyly misspoke to Eve with his smooth and musical voice perhaps even sounding like precious heavenly music to her ears.  She was spiritually caught off guard, being naive about the spiritual shrewdness at work in the heart of satan, Eve was rather unlearned about the holy and righteous nature of God and due to her spiritual ignorance, she was instantly taken in by satan’s smooth approach to the delicate spiritual nature of her ears.  Not only that, Eve instantly drew in Adam, who followed her by also partaking in satan’s melodious adventure eating of the forbidden, but delicious looking fruit.  The Bible tells us that Adam was not caught off guard by satan’s tricks, but in saving Eve from the sudden and forever grip of death, he too had to face death as a sacrifice for the sin which Eve unknowingly introduced to this world.  Without Adam’s sacrifice Eve would have faced an eternal death. Just like us today, mankind would also face eternal death without having the gift of a sacrifice on Calvary from the second Adam, who was Jesus Christ.  He paved the way for the possibility of possessing eternal fellowship with God.  To get even a little deeper, theologically speaking, Adam in the Old Testament serves as a foreshadow, or picture of Jesus Christ coming to save the entire human race from the eternal clutch of death.

Adam followed Eve without hesitation, for the sole purpose of saving her, and ultimately save you and I, from the clutches of eternal physical death.

Therefore, through this inspired biblical account in God’s Word, there is nothing that remains hidden today about the nature and power of sin, including what is found in music.  God knows every sordid detail of Satan’s naturally devilish dark musical abilities.  You and I can know about it and be separated from it for ensuring the sound condition of our own spiritual health.  A person can gain the knowledge and wisdom needed to avoid the many pitfalls of satan’s ploys through having the presence of God’s wisdom, His supernatural power, and His indwelling presence at work in your heart and life.

The Bible tells us further in the verse above, Ezekiel 28:13, emphatically that satan was a dazzling or flamboyant looking or arrayed musical creature who was decked in a showy display of lustrous precious stones.  These gems catch the light of the sun and work along with his smooth voice to stir both minds and hearts.  Perhaps it could be said that Eve found it hard to keep both her musically inclined ears and her dazzled eyes off his rare, but spiritually radical, shining beauty. Eve was drawn like a magnet to his naturally pleasing and palatable dark musical tirade, just as many are to this day.  Yes, like us today, Eve was naturally drawn to feed upon satan’s spiritually appetizing and appealing musical agenda rather than drawn to things of God alongside Adam in the Garden of Eden.  Satan’s instrumental assortment serves to make him appear as a mellow musical creature, rather than a dark beast willingly handing out a sure sentence of death, to anyone easily hypnotized into partaking of his dark brand of perpetually potent music.

Satan is still up to his compelling brand of musical mayhem today. It is true and the power and presence of his evil music are real and potent.  There is a visible and intensely raucous sounding music playing incessantly in this world creating an uprising of deadly spiritual civil war inside the ears and hearts of many who are living in this dark and desperate world.  Yes, the real casualties of ungodly music are an untold many and these numbers continue to multiply each day.  Spiritual war-torn individuals are obvious as they attempt to exist inside this wickedly proliferating world and their desperate heart condition is clearly discerned through the keen spiritual vision of God.

But, do not ever lose hope, there is always a godly and gracious musical remnant with a continual presence of a heavenly melody for seeking only to bring praise and honor to God with worshipful music, even if it often seems as if they are a band of few.  This remnant chooses to build upon a host of biblical songs, as found in the book of Psalms, and other scripture passages throughout the entire canon of scripture.  The joy of God naturally and perpetually nests inside every quickened heart with a continual mix of joyful songs performing inside the heart of every genuine child of God.  He and she carry “divine spiritual tunes” which cannot ever be muffled, muted, or made to disappear because of a dark and devilish noise of satan at work in this world.

You can be sure that Gods music is always more powerful and eternally potent than any kind of tune or beats satan will ever be allowed to introduce his evil tunes to undiscriminating ears or assault the consciousnesses of avid listeners in this world.  Please remember that the ancient spiritual framework divinely inspired and recorded in God’s Word certainly includes the origins of everything, including all kinds of music.  God’s Word imparts to us that God was personally involved in the foundation or the creation of everything that ever did or will exist in this world.

Secondly, the Bible also tells us that a genuine man or woman of God surely delights in God’s law (Psalm 1:2) choosing to refer to it and contemplate concerning all things, including their choice of music.

Knowing all these things are true and at work in our heart, it certainly makes perfect sense that if a person’s spiritual viewpoint or foundation is wrong (as measured against God’s Word), so will his choices be wrong, making his or her choices, including a musical preference wrong.  However, if a man chooses to delight in things of God, he will find eternal joy and peace tucked inside following God’s divine parameters as outlined in His Word concerning all things, including his or her choice of music.

Yes, God’s Word, as recorded in (John 1:1-3) above declares that He clearly sets THE STANDARD on everything in this world and concerning all things in the eternal realm measured and compared to His perpetual holy and righteous estimation.  This makes a spiritual bottom line that a natural man chooses to align with wrong choices, being wrong, doing wrong, and living wrong, as measured against God’s standard of Truth and recorded in God’s Word.  God’s perfect estimation clearly exposes a lost man or woman’s errant choice to listen to music which is far removed from the likes of God.  At the opposite end of the spiritual spectrum, a quickened spiritually alive man clearly discerns or understands the Truth, and can make biblically based choices concerning all things, including music, by choosing to have God’s spiritual direction at work in his or her life.

In the end, ultimately, the choice of a “preferred brand” of music belongs to each individual.  Certainly, as a professing Christian, you understand that real history and every foundational truth begins and ends with what God has inspired and record in His Word for our learning and admonition.  Every ancient chronicled event, commandments, precepts, and divine references are according to God’s desire and direction concerning every area of life for mankind.

It is true that certain kinds of music, like the genre of hard rock, are frequently used to personally attack Jesus Christ and for minimalizing firmly held Christian beliefs.  Some rock stars are said to have even grown up in strict Christian homes, like that which is purported about Marilyn Manson’s childhood and even in the growing up of Adolph Hitler.  Allegedly, these men, and many other notable people who have chosen to leave a life experience of growing up into adulthood centered around things of God by choosing rather to then live a life littered with a bent towards evil and spiritual destruction.

It is kind of like choosing to walk out of the palace and enter into the pits of life.

An abrupt change of this spiritual stature or atmosphere can happen for an extended time or season, but never lasting forever inside the heart of a child of God. A genuine child of God belongs to God and was bought and paid with His shed blood upon Calvary and his or her life is securely and eternally sealed inside a personal relationship with Christ.  For a man or woman to perpetually walk away from God, it can then be said perhaps they never came to know Him as their Lord and Savior in the first place.  A harmed conscious can be seared beyond any desire to ever have a quickened alive heart, thereby a lost person makes a continual and repeated choice to live in total disregard or opposition to things of God rather than just creating distance or refusing fellowship for a brief time or season of sin.

Therefore, because there are both saved and lost people existing in this world there are both glorious and shameful kinds of music boldly playing in the airwaves of this world.  In these last days, it seems there are more lost people employed by satan who are involved in twisting of music rather than those involved in the playing of songs which acclimate with the holiness and righteousness of God.  Discernment for a child of God must “kick in” and be oriented towards godly music rather than the dark tunes of the god of this world for Satan’s detailed agenda concerning music is released upon an open spiritual freeway giving unhindered access for the planting of subtle seeds for a harvest of doubt and opposition to things of God.  This shrewd satanic work is done by popularizing and promoting violence, drugs, disobedience, ill moral character, self-hate, self-mutilation, satanic symbols, the occult, suicidal tendencies, murders, serial killings, and more.  Satan takes the dark things of this world and tones them down to a more acceptable level which can easily pass by unsuspecting hearts easily duped into liking clever catchy tunes and beats which captivate the hearts of many.  Musical repetition works over and over to normalize things of an ill spiritual nature and is often slyly employed to create an atmosphere of social acceptance and an open avenue for boldly ushering in much dishonor and ugliness to this world.

Yes, music is a powerful far reaching tool often used as a “spiritual pry bar” for opening wide the mind and the ears of the younger generation.  Music is used for deconstructing the manners and moral of a large fraction of the population.  Music works to shape and form the next generation into a generation of leaders of society.  In fact, some people would say that certain kinds of music are damaging mentally, spiritually, and physically and certainly found to be an abomination or a “spiritual atrocity” to God and are found to be widely destructive to an entire society.


Please understand, I cannot serve as your conscious concerning your own “preferred flavor” or predominant choice of music, However, I can certainly share a diligent study of what God’s Word does have to say about it.  His Word clearly imparts to us that when God is King of a man’s heart he will desire to be surrounded by things that will honor and glorify God.  This includes his choice of music. Thereby, a godly man or woman will swiftly choose to tune out of listening to evil music served up in this world and parlayed through the darkness by the god of this world.

In our next devotion in this series Satan’s Musical Manifesto is called A Variety of Music Occupies the Stage in This World we will take an in-depth look at “flavors of music” including melodies, tunes, percussion, including voracious voodoo beats busy drumming about noisily in this world.

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