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Satan’s Musical Manifesto – Worldly Music Occupies the Stage in This World

A Variety of Music Occupies the Stage in This World

Put your seat belt on for exploring the deep well of varieties of music playing in this world.  This will certainly be an “eyes and ears wide open” spiritual adventure, like riding a fast-moving musical roller coaster as we explore both musical holy hills and the rocking and reverberating valleys blasting worldly music.

Yes, the wrong “flavor” of music frequently does invade our personal atmosphere and can enter unheeded into our ears.  I am sure you will agree that a variety of music is playing in the background of most any place you go in this world.  The truth is a person is often bombarded with a variety of sounds, noises, and tunes, often on a more subconscious level, as we are busy and unaware of our musically filled surroundings.  Music is often playing while we participate in such things as shopping in a supermarket, walking in the mall, standing in a crowded elevator, watching television programs, commercials, and movies, while surfing the web, busy at work, waiting on hold on the telephone, caught in traffic, attending public school programs, eating in restaurants, attending sporting events, weddings,

Yes, music is used to color the atmosphere of many social gatherings and popular venues.

Certainly, a person can rightly claim that music is literally shoved down our throats, despite whether we desire it to be playing in the background or foreground about us or not.   It is true that many worldly venues strive for having an atmosphere, whether its “musical flavor” agrees with your personal taste of music or not, working to calm nerves, better pass the time for waiting customers, or for providing entertainment often geared towards both children and adults, or to create a certain pleasing ambience by catering to the mood of people.  A worldly place will most often choose sounds and songs which are popular and palatable to the ear of crowds likely to gather there.  For an example, upbeat tempos or rock music is often played during a sporting event.  Religious music, which can be further subdivided into traditional and contemporary sounds, is most often found playing inside the four walls of a modern or traditional church setting.

It is important to note that Christ honoring music instructed by God to be playing inside God’s genuine church.  Again, to reiterate this important point from a previous devotion in this series, according to Colossians 3:16 God has called, decreed or commanded, His spiritual family to listen to hymns, songs, and spiritual songs, thereby honoring Him with an obedient choice concerning music.   Music that honors Christ contains its roots, or foundation, in the spiritual firmness located inside God’s Word, thereby agreeing with the nature of God rather than agreeing with the darkness of satan.  However, religious sounding music, often called worldly or contemporary music, can, but does not always agree with its wording and meaning, as found in God’s Word, but most often, however, its sound is more of a problem as it is greatly influenced by the tastes and upbeat tempo working in this world. God does not decree that any faithful and obedient person subject himself to music that satan enjoys hearing, but only that which brings Him honor and glory.  This specifically worded decree eliminates most popular and palatable “religious” music sung or playing in a great number of spiritually wayward churches today.

Undoubtedly, it is important to note that there are a few places where a man or woman of God can choose to hear his or her chosen “brand or flavor of music”, such as within the walls of his selected church, inside his home, and in his car.  It is in these areas, or private times, that a man or woman prove both to himself and especially to God, what kind of music he chooses to allow to influence and season his life.

Certainly, you understand that if any man, saved or lost, can easily choose to listen to godly music he can just as easily select to hear what is spiritually dangerous music.  Making an ill choice to hear dark and dangerous music, even that which seems merely a subtle threat can pose a real hazard by introducing idolatry to a regenerated man’s spiritual heart condition.  A song can seem so inconspicuous that it is hard for a man to understand or discern its spiritual leaning.  In such cases it hard to rightly prepare for any impending danger lurking in the next stanza when it appears to be a harmless harmony.  For instance, sensual music might appear to be just upbeat and without offense and great for providing enthusiasm and energy, but inwardly it can cause many untold character and moral problems and work behind the scenes to promote spiritual decay in an individual heart and collectively to our society.

Moses was shocked to hear when coming down from a mountain meeting with God, what sounded like war blaring among the people.  He soon found out what he was hearing was music in the camp:

Exodus 32:17-19 (KJB) And when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted, he said unto Moses, There is a noise of war in the camp. 18 And he said, It is not the voice of them that shout for mastery, neither is it the voice of them that cry for being overcome: but the noise of them that sing do I hear. 19 And it came to pass, as soon as he came nigh unto the camp, that he saw the calf, and the dancing: and Moses’ anger waxed hot, and he cast the tables out of his hands, and brake them beneath the mount.

Yes, it is true that the sound and character of music, whether it be spiritually illuminating or dark and devilish, can be fortuitous in shaping and molding the moral of a society.

For example, a new generation, just before me, cut their teeth on the music of the Beatles as they crossed the sea and came ashore in the United States in the early sixties.  Their style of music was a revelation to many rebellious and hungry ears.  Some of this music is demonic in nature and collectively works to forever change the atmosphere in this land by introducing a dark defiance and spiritual deviance through a wide-open portal allowing the flow of unhindered rock and roll into America.  Further generations have been exposed to even greater musical demise including grunge music, sensual rhythm, voodoo beats, and raucous and racist rap, thereby allowing moral in many people to fall further and further towards the spiritual drain about to be unplugged in this world.

Voodoo beats are musical rhythms that have been around since ancient times.  They have been used to summon spirits through rituals and dark traditions.  This kind of 4/4 beat has been shown to have a hypnotical effect upon a person with repeated listening, with the potential to lead an individual to a sensual and unrestrained state where nothing else or anyone else seems to matter but the music playing about them.  Add this rhythmic state to an atmosphere or ambiance of a nightclub and you will see people willing to participate in dancing to these manipulating voodoo beats.

In fact, a person does not have to enter in a night club to hear this kind of music today for it is more and more commonly played the truth is voodoo beats do not simply hide inside nightclubs anymore.

Rap music, which is also very popular today, does not seem to have any limits to the inclusion of foul speech, sexual connotations and vulgarities often littering its lyrics.  Why?  Because many of its artists are living their own lives as reflected in their boisterous brand of disorderly “flavored” of music.  Many rappers themselves are involved in drugs, brandishing guns and weapons, and aligned with the dark spiritual forces at work in this world.

In fact, do you understand that simply hearing music can be a manipulating power source?  The playing of music is powerful enough to be employed in convincing prisoners of war to spill important details and other useful information they might not willingly offer otherwise.  Music can be just as powerful and as moving as a street drug, used as a medium in combination with other forms of darkness such as yoga in the pursuit of exercise, in sensual dancing, and overall hearing the wrong music can be a dangerous practice reaching into the subconsciousness of unsuspecting people with the sole purpose of planting seeds of darkness and wickedness.  Music is a means or a potential commonly used for entering inside the mind of another and changing their mood, energy level, persuasion, and actions through musical manipulation techniques.

Since music is proven repeatedly to contain such extravagant power the prevalent question for every child of God really is, do we make God honoring choices in the times we can select the brand of music we listen to?  In the more private areas of our life, we not only hear the music we have selected to listen to but often being in a more relaxed state, leaving our guard down, we often allow chosen tunes to filter unprohibited into the depths of our mind and heart.  Music, at this point, is no longer just simply occupying space as background noise, but rather it is in these private times as we allow our guard to fall that music seems to cling more deeply inside our mind and heart.

Yes, certainly our choice of music does matter.  Remember, music does have a power and purpose both in this world and in eternity.  Thousands upon thousands of angels sing repeatedly for bringing glory and honor God in the heavenly realm.  We are responsible to God concerning our choice of music on this earth and ultimately His spiritual family will take part in the heavenly eternal choir enjoying sweet fellowship with God forevermore. 

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