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Saul Could See the Wise Spiritual Nature at Work in David

January 13th, 2018

Saul Could See the Wise Spiritual Nature at Work in David

1 Samuel 18:14-15 (KJB) And David behaved himself wisely in all his ways; and the LORD was with him. 15 Wherefore when Saul saw that he behaved himself very wisely, he was afraid of him.

Do you ever meet another person whose very presence shines vividly with the identity and purpose of Christ?  Godly people are few and far between in this spiritually dark world.  Why, because many people choose to imitate the wickedness and evil rather than identify themselves with the spiritual light and life of Jesus Christ.

The Bible tells us that David was a man after God’s own heart.

Yes, David’s life resonated with the presence and power of God. So much so that Saul could, without any question, see the image of God working in his life.  His presence caused Saul to fear and tremble because not only was God clearly seen, but He powerfully affected David’s behavior making him both wise and godly.

Saul knew that David’s spiritual alignment with God was a formidable spiritual force greater than he, making Saul fear his own weakness and limitations when faced with David’s stout spiritual stature and application of the strength and wisdom of God.

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