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Savour and Ointments

Preserved Words Bible Studies a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Song of Solomon – L003 – Savour & Ointments

Song 1:3 Because of the savour of thy good ointments thy name is as ointment poured forth,

therefore do the virgins love thee.


    In Song of Sol. When she speaks, she is really speaking, AND she is representative of the “church.” As you read, you need to see that. (Solomon pictures Christ Jesus.)

    “Savour:” Scent, fragrance, and aroma. Having to do with an odour soothing; As in a sacrifice, and the smoke of it rising to God. (In some ways also like a “salve.”)

     Do you know of His ointments in your life? SHE speaks this to HIM (Solomon). Does Jesus Christ’s church speak such words back to HIM? DO you ever really take time in prayer, or in writing, to speak such words to your Saviour? IF God pout this book in His Bible, to speak to the church ABOUT the church and it’s relationship, how then do we not take it seriously?

    I believe that our flesh, over time, has gotten a foothold in the heart again, and we are perhaps too “uppity,” or refined, or proud, to speak such words back to the Saviour! Are we? Will we step back, and look at how much Solomon loved to hear her speak to him this way? How about Jesus? I challenge you to get alone and speak to Jesus this way!

     “Ointments:” A medicament, or salve of ungence; for healing; also for anointing.

   The ointments of this world are poison, and always make the wound worse. HIS ointments bring healing, and salvation, and on and ON we could go. HIS ointments, not the fake ones of this world. OH, do you SMELL the SAVOUR of HIS ointments? What a verse picture! NO one and NOTHING OF THIS WORLD, is like HIS ointments to the soul!

  Have His “ointments” of healing, in so many different ways, touched your heart and life? Why not tell Him “Thank You, Lord, Thine ointments have healed me and they keep me, and I love Thee Lord Jesus.” ?  Why don’t we… really?

     But, look… in our verse…. it is plural! What could they be? Can we possibly name some?

   Ointments… plural, as in peace, mercy, forgiveness, salvation, restoration, comfort, joy, and eternal life. Do they smell good to you? Do they not smell better than the death-dealing stench of this world, and it’s wine and ointments, so called? Have you been forgiven? Sniff a moment. Does it not give off a good savour? Is there no balm in Gilead? Yes, and it poured out on Calvary, and was bottled up in 3 days in the apothecary of the empty tomb, and was brought forth to the world in the resurrection! His ointments heal, seal, and have an aroma and fragrance that NOTHING of this world can give, and His church needs to smell them, and smell LIKE them, to the world! His church, you and I, need to tell Him these words, too! This study is, again, far more than facts or “stuff” to tickle the mind, and then move on. This is to be deep, and life changing! Is it yet to you? But there is yet another application I see… Oh yes… ointments… plural. Some random thoughts….

    Oh, my soul, the ointments of HIS WORDS!!!!!!

   Each Word is an ointment, specifically prepared for the wound, or need, and carefully mixed together by the Apothecary Master. Do you see your Bible as great ointments from the Apothecary of Heaven? Do you not see it as that which convicts and heals?- That which comforts and gives a good fragrance to your life?This book, is FULL of, and MADE UP of, ointments most precious, powerful, and fragrant. Do we not smell them? Do we thank Him for them? Do we apply them? Do we inhale their fragrance? Are they all over us? Into the weeds and sewer of this world of death, He gave ointments most fragrant, pungent, and effective. Little do we appreciate them or take the time to smell them, or “savour” them in our hearts! Do so!!!

     Now, let us connect- Song 4:10. How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse! how much better is thy love than wine! and the smell of thine ointments than all spices!

   I mentioned to  you in the first introduction, that it was necessary to take your time when reading this book, and determine who is speaking, and to whom! This is one such place. When you take such time, you get a lot more.

   In our opening verse, she was speaking to him. The picture is of how the church should speak to Jesus.- How the bride should speak to, and of, the bridegroom! Here, He is speaking as to how she smells to Him. Can He say that of us? Can He say of us, that OUR love BACK to Him is fair?   What can be said of OUR words, and OUR ointments? What is the aroma of OUR life? Honestly, what do we smell like….to Christ Jesus? Is His bride, pure, clean, fragrant FROM that purity, and fragrant to Him IN purity, fidelity, and holiness, or….. has His bride… other “lovers?”

     The book of Song of Solomon is also about her fidelity to HIM, even in His absence! The fidelity of the bride, to the bridegroom, to the exclusion of ALL other suiters and potential tempting lovers! There was an old song, “I only have eyes for you.” Is that true of us? I will ask this again, and perhaps more than one more time… what if upon returning to get her, he had found her with other lovers? Other suiters? What if, upon returning to get her, he was told to sit in a corner until she had time for him? What if she told him she could only see him one day a week, and then maybe not even then? What does that say to you… about Jesus? AND, how DO we smell to Him? Really?

   I want us here, to turn to another side of the page. I want to bring to your attention, the message and words of the book of Hosea. Hosea is, or should be, a convicting book to read. It is about how God saw the idolatry, and unfaithfulness of Israel. He saw it as harlotry, adultery, and whoredom. Israel had jilted Him, and taken up with other… “lovers.” Jeremiah uses this word to describe it 5 times. Two more times in Lamentations. God uses it 6 times in Hosea, along with words like harlot (4) and whore (in multiple forms (13). In Isaiah, Jeremiah, lamentations, Ezekiel, Hosea and Amos, He uses that word 45 times.  We don’t like to read these words, but God put them in there. Just as powerfully as He describes His love for the church, He describes His detestation of unfaithfulness, and we need to HAVE both sides, so that we have a right fire for purity!!! Sin is idolatry. All sin is idolatry. All sin is unfaithfulness. And, unfaithfulness can come in other forms too. Just not spending time with Him, which is, in it’s own various ways, idolatry of some form, for something else has taken HIS place and become that which in one way or another we… “give ourselves to.” If you haven’t read Hosea through in a while, it would be good to do so, in connection with this study! Reading it should hurt! It should give light. It should keep us aware, awake, and pure, for the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked, and the flesh is powerful and insidious, and NONE of us has put it down permanently.

    In Song of Solomon, she had eyes for no one else. She had a heart for no one else. She had time for no one else. She encountered opposition, which we shall see later, but she met it with outbursts of love for her bridegroom and had unwavering fidelity. So should we.

   Next week, we shall take up another part of our text verse, and examine it in it’s beauty, power, and fragrance.

   If you have questions or comments, please get them to me. I pray that this study, of a book that few want to even admit is in the Bible, will take you to a whole different level of spirituality, love for Him, and love of His Words!

    SEE Him, as she did her bridegroom! See His church that way!

Addition to Song of Solomon, L003 (Read last)

   There is so much in this overlooked, and neglected book, it boggles my mind. FRAGRANT things. NECESSARY things! POWERFUL things. BEAUTIFUL  things! Do we really see them? Do we really take the time to pray over them before, during, and after we read them? Have we time… for the Words of God? When we do, do they not change our lives?- change our vision? “Scent” our life?

   My friend, we give far too much time to the temporal things of this world, that have fading beauty, if any at all, and far to little time to those things of God, and Jesus Christ, that penetrate to the heart and soul. The things of God are eternal things, that will give a fragrance to our life that nothing else can! I ask you again, is your life fragrant to Jesus Christ? And, is it then fragrant to the world, in such a way as to lead the world to ask you about it?

   I want you to write a few words in your journal here, about how you see her words to him, and his to her. I want  you to think a bit about what you see in that, that relates to your relationship with Jesus Christ. Write as if writing TO Him, too! Doing this may be difficult at first, but my friend, if you persevere, you will come out on the other side with something that I dare say you never thought possible! Is the Church of Jesus Christ, you and I, really in love with the Saviour? I ask again, why do we not speak back to Jesus the way SHE did to Solomon? EARTHQUAKE! HEARTquake! I want you to write down, if you can, why you haven’t spoken to Him in such tender and powerful words. Write as if on your knees before Him, repentant and broken hearted for, in some ways, slighting Him.

   When we refuse to spend time with Him, and in His Words, we are  in effect, telling Him that the world smells better to us than He does! We are saying that the fragrance of the world means more to us than His fragrance does!

   When we refuse to tell Him, what that little Shulamite girl did her groom… what does that really say of us? I’m telling you, if you start looking at things from the level of the little Shulamite girl, and see Jesus the way she did Solomon, and SPEAK to Jesus the way she did to Solomon, it’s going to change  your life! HEARTquake! LIFEquake!

   When I was first dating Marlene, and I would smell her perfume, and see her brown eyes, and hear her words of love to me, IT CAPTIVATED ME, and GAVE ME FIRE! I feel young again right now! WHY don’t we have that for the One Who SAVED OUR SOUL?

   His words to her here, are tender, and loving, and straight from the heart. They are serious, and strong words. They are not words just “off the cuff.” Do you see them that way? Did, and does not, Jesus speak such words to you? He still does,  you know? What are you doing about that? Oh, my children, DO NOT LET US BE like that church at Ephesus, in Rev. 2:4. Let those words STING and HURT… to THINK that they might be spoken of us!

   I believe that HIS (Solomon’s) are words that should be pondered by His church today, as to whether Jesus CAN say them… to US? Can He? What are our ointments? What are they to Him?- HIS to us? What are they to the WORLD? What is OUR fragrance, and where does it come from?

   To Solomon she had a fragrance most beautiful and pleasant. Do we… to Jesus Christ, or do we smell like the world? Look like the world? Talk like the world? Live for the world? Have EYES for the world? Have WORDS OF LOVE for the world? Is our affection more for the world, than Jesus Christ? Are we too uppity or proud to speak to Jesus… the way that little girl did to her groom? I think… that WE should think… about these things!

     I want you to spend some time this week thinking about these things and writing in your journal.  Will you?????

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