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Serve Without Doubt

August 20th, 2019

Serve Without Doubt

Hebrews 11:1 (KJB) Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

It is true, genuine faith is living well with God despite any unanswered questions.  You see, a child of God chooses to place trust in God even though there is unseen evidence.  Not all things make perfect sense from our limited vantage point in this world.

If you read a bit further beyond this verse in God’s Word you will read an accounting, or a biblical Hall of Fame, if you will, concerning lives of well-known Old Testament faith filled servants of God. These men and women willingly served the will of God in their life despite not knowing exactly what kind of circumstances the result of their obedience would generate.  Today we can read a short accounting about their life along with other passages about their life and know the beginning of their faith from the end.  Certainly, it is much easier for us to read a record about their lives rather than for us to be in their boots when the going got tough in serving God.

Yes, these individuals had boots on the ground even when spiritual opposition and conditions in this world were dark.  A sincere child of God chooses not only to serve Him when the conditions are favorable and pleasant.  Serving God always will place difficult times or seasons in our lives (John 16:33) you can count on it!

These men and woman are noted for great faith despite any untoward environment surrounding their service for God.  What individuals come to mind when you think of those who display great faith today?  Perhaps a missionary in a dark land, or a preacher who continues to shout the truths of God though it is not popular.  Or maybe it is a neighbor who goes out of their way each day to serve others despite the many troubles he faces in loving others in being the hand of God on this earth.

The truth be known- even though this world seems dark and desperate, there are many children of God with boots on the ground facing the heat of persecution and battling trials as they reach out to lost hearts.  Perhaps there will be an eternal Faith Hall of Fame filled with many battle-scarred souls familiar to you who are brothers and sisters in Christ humbly serving God alongside you in this world.

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