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Sin Is Serious and Often Has Lingering Consequences

January 18th 2016

Sin Is Serious and Often Has Lingering Consequences

And the thing was very grievous in Abraham’s sight because of his son. (Genesis 21:11 KJV)

The Bible is very clear throughout the cannon of scripture that man reaps exactly what he sows in life.  Abraham’s life was greatly affected because of his liaison with Hagar, who by the way his wife’s handmaiden.  Not only was Abraham’s life affected, but so were the lives of his wife Sarah, Hagar, and Ishmael.

Rather than waiting patiently for the will of God, who promised to bring about an heir, Abraham took an alternate pathway, attempting to “help God” in bringing about the birth of a son to carry on his name in further generations.  Abraham’s agreed upon liaison with Hagar produced a son.  This relationship was brought about because of lack of faith in promises of God by Abraham’s wife Sarah, who convinced him that God was lacking in bringing to pass His promise that Abraham would father a nation having an heir for his names sake.

Ishmael, a son, was created when Abraham listened to the council of his wife Sarah, who had become impatient and unfaithful in waiting upon God’s timing to fulfill His promise to Abraham about fathering a great nation.  Sarah was “itching” to be involved in producing this heir with Abraham (which was never promised by God to her personally).  Sarah knew she was over ninety years old failed to believe she would have any part in producing this heir.  Ultimately she decided the only way for this promise to happen was to allow her own maid (who was much younger) to lie with her husband as a substitute of her own choosing.

This decision was sinful for Abraham who did not take the authority and leadership of his own home but rather left this decision to his wife.  It was a sin of his wife Sarah, who inserted herself into coming up with a plan to bring God’s promise to pass, in her own way and timing, rather than waiting in faith upon the will and way of God.

They both brought grievous consequences upon themselves and also greatly affected the lives of Hagar, Ishmael, and subsequently affecting the lives of all mankind.

Yes, your choice to sin affects many people besides yourself.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearAbraham’s choice to lay with Hagar left serious repercussions in biblical times and still affect this world today.



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