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Sin Shames

August 02, 2021

Sin Shames

Proverbs 14:34 (KJV) Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

Sin can seem small but cause shame to rise in our soul like an enormous, foreboding mountain range.  Often, we like to think of a little lie as a nominal thing, a white lie that does not damage.  That is until we look at any lie through the lens of God.  You see, to God, any lie creates a stain in our life and upon an entire country.

Here in this verse, God tells us that righteousness lifts a nation, but the presence of sin is a reproach to the people.  Yes, sin causes individual marring as well as collectively tarnishing a nation.  Above I used an example of small “white” lies.  What if I used the atrocity of abortion, the great deception involved in our government leaders, or the stain of alcohol and illicit drug use that plagues our nation to give you further examples about sin at work in our wicked-leaning country? 

Sin is not a small thing; it is a grave issue at work in our world, and God hates sin.

Yes, I hope you know that every sin, great or small, is an offense to God.  Some of the preceding sins I mentioned God tells us in Proverbs chapter six that He HATES.  Sin separates a soul from God.  Sin shames the individual sinner and a nation collectively. 

Sin is a reproach to God.  On the other hand, the absence of sin lifts a soul.  A good moral compass collectively blesses a nation choosing to serve and savor God above the corruption at work in this evil world.

Aligning with God about our personal sin removes the stain of corruption and the shame of opposition to God; this works both individually and collectively as a nation.  God will judge all unconfessed sin; you can count on it.

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