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Some Distinctive Traits Of The Antichrist

September 19, 2021

Some Distinctive Traits Of The Antichrist

Daniel 11:37 (KJV) Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

This verse, and others neighboring in the eleventh chapter taken from the book of Daniel, describe some unique character traits of the antichrist.  These attributes are descriptive prophecies concerning the antichrist’s coming and how he will sway much of the world with his brand of dark deception.

First, the antichrist does not regard God.  No surprise here.  No person can choose to follow the antichrist and to reverence the holiness and righteousness of God. This would be impossible, for they reside at opposing ends of the spiritual spectrum.  Those who follow God will have nothing to do with Satan’s moves and motives, for there is a vast gulf of separation between these two spiritual states.

Second, the antichrist does not regard the desire of women.  This disclosure, some say, points to the antichrist as a Sodomite.  Though we do not know for sure all the details concerning the antichrist, we know that it is natural for a male to be attracted to a female, for that is how God created people. However, it is revealed here that the antichrist is drawn to the same sex.  In multiple verses throughout the canon of scripture, God tells us that this kind of twisted relationship goes against His truths, that God hates it,  calling it strange, immoral, unclean, and certainly against the righteous nature of God.

Third, the antichrist does not pay attention to any formal religion on earth.  Though there are many, the antichrist chooses to disregard all belief systems and especially works against God’s revealed truths.  Even Satan knows, in the end, God’s truth will stand, and all his deception will fail and fall.

Last, this verse tells us that the antichrist lifts himself above all things. This lifting is pride at work against the power and presence of God.  Though it is prominent in this world at this very moment, all pride will be squashed forever at the coming of Christ at the end of times; you can count on it!

Each of us must read this prophetic verse and beware of the antichrist’s traits, applying this knowledge to our life concerning the end times, ridding our life of pride at any level through the power and presence of God at work in our life.  Indeed, the antichrist’s nature is a dangerous path to follow and will lead lost souls to destruction and death.

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