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Song of Solomon – Draw Me

Preserved Words Bible Studies a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Song of Solomon – Draw me

Song. 1:4 Draw me, we will run after thee: the king hath brought me into his chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will remember thy love more than wine:

the upright love thee.

   This lesson may well be the most controversial OR the most moving of them all in this series, for it deals with something so powerful, and again, so controversial. It deals with the drawing of God the father, through His Spirit, in the spirit of man. I will not attempt to take on other doctrines, but merely give you scripture and pray that this moves you, even when you feel far from God!   

     In our last lesson we needed to mention again, that there are verses where her court, or maids of honor, are speaking back to her, or about the bridegroom. When you see the word “we,” that’s it. Here she speaks, then they speak, then she speaks again. Got it?

   I really want us, in this lesson, to pull forward the passionate outpouring of love she had for him. I want us also to remember the original setting. Remember…..

      A little Shulamite girl, made to work a vineyard, by her mean brothers, out in the hot scorching sun, and a shepherd who comes to visit her. He falls in love with her. She, as we shall see, feels poorly about herself, and her condition, but she is taken away by his love. And, here she says… “draw me…” What is this term? WHY did she say that? Do WE feel this way… about Jesus? This is powerful!

      First, she wants him to draw her to him, in an embrace of love and affection. She wants the touch of his hands, to her hands, pulling her close to him. She does not want him distant. She does not want to be without his hand in her hand. She does not want to be without his eyes drawing her either. Neither does she want to be without his WORDS drawing her; calling her to him. DRAW ME, she says. Ever say that to Jesus? Maybe in an hour of sorrow? Maybe in an hour of failure? Did He? Does He? Does he want us to SAY this? I believe He does! I believe we SHOULD! I also believe we should look at this and remember that we don’t DESERVE to be, and that we should always WANT His drawing power, that keeps us close and keeps us from the “draw” or “fatal attraction” of this world! AHA!

  Now, I want to pull forward that word “savour,” from V3 here and make another comment that connects to our word “draw.” Both of these reveal a depth of love that is, I fear, far beyond the modern day churches. I’m not in any way speaking in a condescending way, or speaking in a mean way. It is just what I feel and see. That “savour,” was far more than a whiff, and a sniff, and then moving on to some other thing, or some other one. She wanted him, and she wanted him close… all the time. Do you see that? This world offers the smell of the sewer, that the flesh enjoys. HE offers the aroma of forgiveness, salvation, mercy, strength in times of trouble, love, joy, peace, and on and ON. But, this old flesh, as we see in James 1:14, is DRAWN AWAY of it’s OWN LUSTS! Away from Him! If we spend more time around worldly things, they will draw us to them. If we spend more time around Spiritual things, they will draw us to Him. Tug of war my friend. One up… one down! Turf war! What is the dominating smell in your life? Are we not all drawn by smell? Are we drawn to “dung,” or roses, and honeysuckle, and lilies, and Jesus? What “draws” you most? Are you willing to say to Jesus… Draw me? If you are, I want  you to write in your journal right now, Lord… draw me!- Then hold on to me, for I see in me, that is in my flesh, NO GOOD THING! I see in my members something else WARRING against my closeness to You! DRAW me!- when I’m sad, when I doubt, when I struggle! If all that sounds familiar, it’s because PAUL said it, of himself in Romans 7.

   Do you see the passion of this book? Does that passion exist in your life, for Him?- For His presence?- For His drawing Spirit? If we don’t get anything else out of this study, I pray it is a vision of the passion that is possible, and needed in the churches today! I will go over this again later, but I want you to turn to Revelation 2 & 3. What was the problem with Ephesus and Laodicea?   Is it us, too?

   Do you remember the passion and exhilaration when you were first saved? How is it now? Who, left Whom? Have other things, of this world crowded in, and taken your time and literally your affection? Has a love developed for those other things, rather than Him? It’s possible, you know. Are you willing to rekindle that love for Him? The answer, if that is true, is in our verse, and in that little word “draw.” DRAW ME, Oh Lord Jesus. DRAW me, to You again. I dare say, that His Spirit in you, is speaking, and flaming right now. What are you going to do about it?

   Lastly, in this section, we need to speak those words to Him BECAUSE of the world, the flesh, and the devil. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is ___________. (Fill it in). There is a draw of this world, in this day and time, like in no other. And, we need to be a prayin bold, bare prayers, and just get right down to it. We can have that excitement, in our every day lives, IF we give Him the first-fruits of our day, and our minds, AND our hearts! Draw me, and SEAL me to You, Lord Jesus! (This old flesh is a powerful “un-sealer” in many ways! IT has a crow bar, and often a key, and it MUST be prayed down constantly! If we don’t do these spiritual things, WE WILL BE that Laodicean church!) Draw me close… draw me strong.. draw me IN SPITE of me… draw me, and don’t quit, draw me AGAIN AND AGAIN, too! My SOUL, are you feeling His drawing now? Yield to it and go after it, and ASK for Him to!

  Now, I want to look at that word “draw.” Buckle up.

  1. To draw OUT, or lift UP; Has He you? In Salvation? In times of repentance? Does He not seek to… always, or do we “draw” away? She wanted him to physically take hold of her and draw her close, and draw her into his presence! She was deeply in love with him! Are we with the Lord? Or, do we seek another to draw us? Do we seek another… lover?
  2. To pull along and cause to move to something, to someone, or in a specific direction. (Note- it differs from “drag.” Drag implies against the will. It may be against the will of the flesh here, but it sure isn’t against the Spirit!) Oh, the passion of… “draw.” Read Gal. 5:17. Yeh Buddie!
  3. To pull up and out! To raise from death. One of these days…. if we go to the ground before He comes back… DRAWN UP! And did He not at salvation! We were DEAD in trespasses and SINS, and HE….  (Look at Jn. 6:44)
  4. To cause to turn towards. See Acts 14:15, 2Pet. 2:22, Rev. 1:12. He’s not dragging, folks! He is DRAWING!
  5. To pull out of, or take away from a spit, or roasting fire; to take from an oven. Are  you getting this?

   Is it me, or am I having a hard time sitting still and not shouting right now? Does anyone else see what has been stripped from this culture, and how we have been ROBBED of the MEANING of WORDS in our lives? MY SOUL. The AV1611 Bible, and Websters 1828 Dictionary (where the definitions came OUT of the AV1611 Bible.) What depth and light they bring to our LIFE! Let me close with a review of questions. My heart is pounding again! Good!

   Do we see the passion of her heart, life, and words? Do we have that passion… for Him, Who did DRAW us to Himself, up out of the fire? Do we CARE enough to PRAY… “Draw me?” Do we say to Jesus, the things SHE said to Solomon? Do we see our great loss, when we don’t? DO we see how much He desires to hear us speak to Him this way? Are we slighting Him, or jilting Him by spending time with other lovers of this world? Do you want that passion back?- Every day? – If the answer to that last one is, “Yes,” then now is the time to close your eyes, and speak to Him in prayer, and get this thing settled, or RE-settled! Write a note in your journal and hi-lite it!  If His Spirit is WORKING now… DON’T… QUENCH… the Spirit!    Read Song 8:7

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