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Song of Solomon – Into His Chambers

Preserved Words Bible Studies a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Song of Solomon – Into His Chambers

Song. 1:4 Draw me, we will run after thee: the king hath brought me into his chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will remember thy love more than wine:

the upright love thee.


   Before going into this weeks lesson, I want you to read Hosea 11:4, and draw something from last weeks lesson. I can’t get away from “draw me,” yet. What made you, or any sinner, come to Christ? Is Jn. 6:44 true? Read Jn. 12:32. Did He not draw us with the cords of love… by the man, Christ Jesus? (1Tim. 2:5) But how about daily? Still?

     We have taken our verse from last week again, and we shall see if we will need to again next week, as we see how this lesson progresses. Now, read Lu. 10:38-42.

   I fear that Americans are prone to move on too quickly, since we are faced with all these things we have. We are, sometimes, like a child at Christmas who gets far more than he or she can deal with, and we tend to be always looking for the “next big thing.” I pray that is not so with us. What takes you away from the Word of God?- time with Him?  If you are walking, and pass by a mine, and see a flake of gold at the mouth, would you not pick it up, and step inside to see if there is more, or would you keep walking? If you found some, when would you quit? There are numerous gems in this verse, and we shall surely spend some time extracting them, for our benefit.

     When the verse moves to “we will run after thee,” it is her court (the daughters of Jerusalem; see 1:5, 2:7, etc.) speaking. They said this, after they saw the love she had for him, the love HE had for her, and after they saw that she was not content with THEIR presence, but only with his! I wonder, if  WE have that affect spiritually on others in the church?- Or others OUTSIDE of the church? We must think about that!

   She said that she wanted HIM to draw her… to HIM, and they saw something they wanted, and they wanted to be around the influence of her devotion and love! How is it with us… on others? And, may I say, and I hope it is true, that no believer desires to go to Heaven alone! Do we have this affect on others, or want to?

  I see also, an immediacy. I say again, they saw something in her, towards him, and him towards her, that they had to stay near. It was personal for her, and they saw that. It was “sold out,” for her, and they wanted to never stop seeing it. Oh my, this is not even separated by a verse number. This was IMMEDIATE! Do you see that? If we allow the influences of this world to work, and if we do not immediately move at the invitation of God, we risk a great danger. Look at Is. 55:6. Our verse speaks to immediacy of action, as when drawn, and not waiting. Remember… Lot lingered (Gen. 19:16)... and his wife looked BACK…. and she died! Look at 2Cor. 6:2 and then Heb. 3:13-15. This is a serious teaching. What is it of this world, that has GOT you?- causes you to run after? I say again… will you pray “draw me,” and then say that you will RUN FROM this world, and the flesh, and run TO Him… immediately? Is there something in this world that you are running after? Are you or I causing someone else to run after Him, or something of this world? Do we speak more of the life we used to live, in wine, reveling and such, or more about Him? Do we remember His love, more than the wine?

   But… notice also that word “run.” Look at Ps. 119:32 & 60. Look at Heb. 12:1. Should this not be the answer of His church, to Him, upon seeing such outpouring of love and help? We will RUN after thee! It speaks of doing this readily. Doing this constantly. Doing this on our part. Doing this of our own WILL. (Ps. 63:8) This world sets roadblocks, temptations, hurdles, and distractions.But ponder this…

    They ran after HER, as SHE sought him. THEY did not run after someONE else or someTHING else. We must get this down. When we see someone in the church really passionate about Christ- Really on fire- Really following… what is our reaction? Do we label them a radical? Do we label them perhaps of another denomination? Do we tell them to calm down, quiet down, or sit down? I’m not talking about wild fire, or out of order stuff, come on now. Let’s not use that rubber crutch as an excuse for no fire! I mean, what do we do… really? May I ask you what the predominant thing missing in the church of the Laodiceans was? It had no…. fire! No zeal! No prayer,  either! That church was for SURE not close to the Lord Jesus, because we see Him on the outside of it, don’t we? I don’t care what comes, let that not be said of us. I’m telling you, that church had fake fire, and/or wild fire, and it was not the LORD’S prescribed fire (see Lev. 10:1, “strange fire”), and He was on the outside! And, may I ask, is all we have in the way of “revival,” a picture book from the 1800’s? Are we satisfied with only looking at pictures of revivals of the past? Are we afraid of revival now? If so… why?  I believe we need to ask, and answer, and pray about those questions! I’m tired of this pipe down, sit down, quiet down, come down, pull me down, drag me down age, and we should all be. I say again, NOT WILD fire, but not NO fire either!  Are we an incubator or a refrigerator? This world is drawn to fire, and it might as well be the right fire of the Spirit of God, that draws to salvation, and out of the WORLD’S fire, and HELL’S fire! I pray I don’t freeze someone right into hell, or show them a FALSE fire that will affectively do the same, if it is to something of this world, and not Him! Our God is a consuming ___________. Did not our heart ________ within us, when what? (Lu. 24) Do you have such fire?- want it? Afraid of it? Quench it?

    Now, let me allow my mind wander a bit.

   That Shulamite girl had experienced something personal. Those other girls could not experience personally what she did, because she TOLD them that the king had brought her into his chambers next. We must have our own personal encounters with the risen Saviour every day, not someone else’s! Do you see that? I can’t, and you can’t, and SHOULDN’T live, or TRY to live on the fire of another. I ask, am I flammable? Theirs, is not that which God has for YOU! Doesn’t it amaze you that one man (the preacher), can speak one set of words, and one message, and 35 people can each be moved in a different way, by the same words? And, by the way, aren’t you glad? Yeh buddy! I sure am! Pastor, you keep preachin’, and don’t worry about that CLOCK, if we need to, we’ll send out for food! Don’t you stop til the SPIRIT says stop! Amen and amen! Now, “into his chambers….” Read Eph. 2:6.

     She was bragging on her bridegroom personally, too. She was for sure speaking of him doing something for her, that she could never do on her own, from her lowly station in life. I’m not sure she even knew how to get there, NOR would she have been ALLOWED to go there seeing she was in many ways a slave to her brothers. Were we not to sin, by the way? Didn’t he bring US… into His chambers… where we could not have gotten to on our own? Do we brag on Jesus, the way SHE bragged on Solomon? Love Him, more than “wine,” or the world?

   Aren’t ya glad the King has brought YOU… into HIS chambers? Told anyone else lately? Got that fire burning? If not, get it! Listen, He brought us somewhere we couldn’t have ever got into on our own- Couldn’t have even found it.- Got us OUT of somewhere we were bound for.- Took us into His chambers, and sealed us there. Jesus DIED for us… and lives now…. to bring us into His chambers! (cont.)

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