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Song of Solomon – Introduction 01

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Song of Solomon – Introduction 01


Sol. 1:7 Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest, where thou makest thy flock to rest at noon:

   It may seem odd to you to do a mini-series on this book. May I ask you some questions? When is the last time you heard a message on this book? When is the last time you read it through and studied it, or meditated on it? Have you ever been taught anything out of it? What do you know about it? Are you afraid to read or study it because of the “language” in it? Come on now, be honest. (I’ll cover that subject below.) Now a few last questions. Did God see fit to put it in the canon of scripture? Is 2Tim. 3:16 still in the Bible? (Yes, it is) Then this book deserves study, and study it we shall!

     Now, I want this, as best I can do it, to be interactive. That means I will ask you to write down a few answers in a notebook. If we are ever to get more than just something that takes up a little bit of time or gives us the shallow feeling that we have “done our duty,” then it’s going to take a little effort and time. I promise you that IF you take the time I ask of you, you will come away astonished at what is in this book! PLEASE, get a dollar notebook from Dollar Tree, and a pen, and start a notebook of your study and answers. Mark each new study with the date. Also, I use colored gel markers/hi-liters. They don’t bleed through, and they mark the specific things IN a study. Another detail, I know, but it will be far more to you than a coloring book. It will be a color map and a reminder! And, I say again, last here, this study, IF you take time, will astonish you, AND it will deepen your relationship with your Saviour, Jesus Christ. (If you want to read a chapter on “relationship,” right out of Jesus’ mouth, read John 17. My soul, what a chapter! HIS WORDS, about HIS church)

   Now, Song of Solomon was penned between 972 and 1,000 years before Jesus walked on this earth OR established His church. (emphasis on HIS). As we progress, you REALLY need to keep that in your mind. As we progress, I will remind you, and you will shake your head. Folks, your AV1611 Bible is the MARVEL of all written material ever on this earth (and anything else for that matter), and you’re going to see it! There never has been, and never will be ANY written material by ANY man, or ALL men, that can measure up to one drop of ink that fell on the printers floor when they primed the PUMP to PRINT ONE PAGE of this Blessed Book. Do you see that? Do you feel that way? Do you weep over having it? Would you weep if you didn’t? Do you read it and study it that way?- Thank God for it? Do you really believe Ps. 119:161? Do you understand Ps. 138:2? My soul…. what a book!

   Next, I have to get this in your mind. I will remind you of this from time to time in this study, too. This is VERY important!  It may be the most important opening rule of study. SO important. Here it is. You CAN NOT read this book with the Western, Americanized, “gutter” mind-set. Americans have a mindset that is in the gutter sexually, and few either realize it or admit it. I asked you above if you had an aversion to reading this book for a reason. SOME people have said to me that they DON’T read it BECAUSE of the “sexual content” in it, AND they have QUESTIONED its place IN the Bible. You MUST understand two things here. 1. Sexual innuendo has been so deeply ingrained in the American minds, for so long, in so many ways, that it is just nature, and it colors everything you read that has anything whatsoever to do with that “S” word. 2. The Middle Eastern mind never had this gutter mind-set, and spoke plainly, in certain ways, and we Americans will take it right into the gutter if we don’t know it, and consciously block it. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone, but truth is truth! TV does it- books of all kinds do it- movies do it- Music does, you name it, it puts a tint to everything you read. Enough said.

    Now, there are several interpretations or thoughts as to what this book says, or portrays. Here they are.

  1. It was a literal love story, that chronicles a love of Solomon. Many, including me, think it was VERY early in his life and reign. They think it was perhaps the only real, true love, he ever had.
  2. It ISN’T literal, but is either an allegory for something, or a made up fable, made up by either Solomon or someone else they cannot name. (I DON’T believe that! Period!)
  3. It is ONLY an allegory, not a true story that portrays Christ, and His church. It DOES portray Christ and His church, but It WAS a true love story!
  4. It only portrays the love of God for Israel, has nothing whatsoever to do with the church and Jesus Christ, and cannot be taken any other way. (Not hardly Homer! Ray Charles could see Christ and the church in it! Someone was not reading the right version of it, or came into it with a presupposition!)

     There are some others, but those will do for now. Now, I will give you what it really is. It is a true love story, it really happened, it IS a picture of Christ and His Church, AND it has some tones and colors in it that speak of God and Israel. It is first and FOREMOST, Christ…. and His church! GOD put this book together, and only GOD can do it this way, almost 1,000 years before Jesus Christ ever walked on this earth, for you see, He had the church in His mind LONG before Bethlehem, and we will see that!!! Do you really stand in awe of this book? Really?

     Now, with our minds up out of any tint of Western, Americanized slang or sexual innuendo, or fear of reading a book that God put in His Book of Books, let’s close with something special. Buckle up, strap in, hold on, and put a pillow underneath your jaw. (972 to 1,000 years before Christ. I’ve read that somewhere)

    Solomon had many vineyards. MANY! He had leased one out to some folks and had not visited it after they had their children. After the parents died, the sons, made the daughter work hard taking care of the vineyard. Remember, the BROTHERS made the SISTER work hard and treated her badly! SOLOMON, decided to visit the vineyard, BUT he decided NOT to dress as the king, but instead dressed up as a lowly…. SHEPHERD. AHA, got your interest. Hold on, it gets better! Solomon falls in love with the Shulamite girl, and proposes to her. He tells her that he has to go away on state business AND that he will return FOR her to take her away in marriage. Here we go…. He RETURNS DRESSED AS… the king! AHA, 972 – 1,000 before Jesus Christ! (Things sure change in the attitude of the BROTHERS!) He then takes her away to consummate the marriage, TO his palace, AND THEN… returns with her to show here off, and “get the glory” (read Zech. 2:8). Does any of this sound vaguely familiar to you? 972 – 1,000 years B.C. WOW! Think it belongs in the Bible, and that God PUT it there? NOW do you think it portrays… the church?

    Lastly, there are several people speaking in this book, and you really have to study to see who, is speaking where. Solomon, the groom speaks, the bride/Shulamite girl speaks, the brothers briefly speak, the bride’s court and maids speak, and Solomon’s guards speak. Also, the phrase “my beloved,” ALWAYS is HER speaking of, or to, HIM. It is her heart that overcomes her speech. Does it mine? What IS my heart…. really? Christ’s?

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