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Song of Solomon – Introduction 02

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Song of Solomon – Introduction 02

Acts 20:28 Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God,

which he hath purchased with his own blood.


  As I mentioned last week, this is going to be an interactive series. The questions are not necessarily to be turned in to me, but they can be. Questions you may have, may also be given to me, or Pastor, and are most welcomed! If we are to “grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,” it will be from spending time in His words, meditating on them and in them, writing things down as they come to our mind and heart, praying before we read, and as we read, and interacting with those in the church whom God has given us, and gifted to teach. In short, effort. I pray that this series launches you out into “the deep,” and grows you deep!

   In this series I ask you to stop, before reading, and pray about it. Pray Ps. 119:18. Pray a personal prayer for help, and vision, and pray for that flame of passion for Him and His Words, that only the Holy Spirit gives. But pray before reading and studying. Prov. 8:17 comes to mind here. (All of us, should always do that before reading our Bible. It is respect for what we are reading and Who Authored it! Please stop here, and read Ps. 119:18 and Eph. 1:17-18. Then, write in your journal that you prayed Ps. 119:18.

   Now, I want to cover, or RE-cover something about journaling. I know it takes time. It takes me time, too, but, I say again, it is of GREAT value to you. All of us have a LOT going on in life. A LOT, that takes time. TAKES it. Our minds forget when we prayed something specific. We forget, too, His answers TO those prayers and both of those things are dangerous. It makes us a lot like the Israelites in the wilderness, wandering around in circles. When we have records, we are able to not only see His answers in our life, but we are strengthened as we are attacked right then. I’ll say more about it in future lessons.

   The material in this study comes almost entirely from my own study, prayer, meditation, and reading. I want to give you a few things, here and there, from other writers such as Spurgeon, but I want it to be scripture speaking on scripture, and study OF those scriptures. But more than that, I want it to be a powerful spiritual encounter with the Lord, through His Words, and be something that is far more than just facts. I pray you do also. Now… to touch on something in last weeks Intro #1.

     There is great debate, and argument, by “scholars” over what the book of Song of Solomon is “really saying.” My feeling is that there is FAR too much “straining at gnats,” and arguing over that, and far too LITTLE letting the Holy Spirit Who Authored it speak to the heart! The arguing and “straining,” (Mt. 23:24), and trying to “one up” another preacher or “scholar,” is counter-productive at best, and totally NON-productive art worst. Let us… now… get back to a prayer attitude (about this and all studies) first,and seek HIM first, not dead men’s brains (See Lu. 24:32- while HE… Not scholars!). When I was drawn to study this book, I wanted quickly to read what other writers had written. Immediately, there was a great barrier and a wall spiritually that I felt. I had NO peace about reading Spurgeon, or others… at first. I got freedom only after literally 4 weeks, but even now, only a little.

   This book is clearly about the Lord Jesus Christ and His church. Period. It is a literal love story, that really happened, but it is so clearly about Jesus and His church that it curls what little hair I have left! I want  you to read it with much prayer, and with the understanding,

that almost 1,000 years before Jesus ever came to earth… the church, was THIS MUCH on His heart! THIS BOOK, more than ANY other, is the word for word baring of His heart… TO us, and FOR us. Will we stoke the fire? Do we care… as much as He does?

    I believe, that in this Laodicean cold age, we NEED this book! The fire, and flame, and passion in this book, that totally relates to His heart for His church, is palpable. If we are told that Laodicean spirit, or coldness to spiritual things, and witnessing, is to be, and we clearly are told, then there is something in the Bible that stirs the coals, calls for fuel on our part, effort on our part, and spiritual seeking on our part, and I believe that THIS is it! My little children, do you still get excited over God’s Words? Do you feel the flame?- WANT the flame? Has it gone low? Let me switch gears a bit perhaps. What has happened to His church… between Pentecost… and now? Those little churches were ON FIRE for Jesus Christ! That fire changed them… and was evident to others! What is said about Laodicea? Lukewarm, apathetic, no prayer, no Spirit! Rich, increased with goods, and no fire, or zeal, or passion spiritually!

  Now, I know I risk some blow back on this, but folks, the Spirit DID show up as a flame of fire in Acts 2, in that upper room, and launched what? Out of a prayer meeting, too! And, do you know what the meaning of  “quench,” in 1Thess. 5:19, is? Are you ready? It has to do with PUTTING OUT A FIRE! My SOUL! CONFIRMATION! DON’T PUT OUT THE SPIRIT FIRE IN YOU! (Sorry, I got a little worked up there!) “Don’t extinguish; suppress or stifle” Quench NOT…. the SPIRIT! He is trying to keep the fire burning. The fire of passion for Christ, the fire of passion for souls, the fire of passion for His church! Oh, my soul, are you getting this? Is there a spark… of any kind! Not WILD fire, but RIGHT fire! I’m NEVER talking about “wild fire.”  RIGHT fire! SOME fire!

   Now, back to our opening verse. Pay CLOSE attention to that word “flock.” We’ll come back to it later, but, I want you to zero in on the last 8 words; “which he hath purchased with his own blood.” Ask the Spirit to speak to you here. Make a note in your journal here, too! Take a few moments and ponder these words, please. Purchased… with HIS OWN BLOOD! What would you die for? I mean, really… what… or whom? Do we take this verse, and the truth of it, for granted? Stop and pray about it, now.

   WE are the church, He didn’t die for buildings or an edifice, or steeples, bricks, carpet, and pews. He died for something that this world has NEVER seen before. NEVER, folks, and WE ARE IT! People… His flock… His church- His local, called out, doctrinally sound, soul seeking. church(es). He DIED…. GAVE His earthly life for the CHURCH, and Song of Solomon speaks, in words, from His heart, and TELLS us His heart…. for His church(es)! (Not the universal monstrosity Rome speaks of. You know what I mean here!) How do we feel about it?- See it?- Represent it?- Maintain it? I say again, if there ever was a time when a powerful, passionate look at His heart was necessary this is it….. and this BOOK is it! Let us burn for Christ Jesus. I DON’T CARE WHAT  the world thinks ! Let us burn with passion, and zeal, and burn as lights in this dark age (Php. 2:15), and never quench right fire. Let us not be afraid of SOME, and RIGHT fire, and end up with NO fire! His church is to be an incubator, not a refrigerator!

   Let us read and study this book with a passion and desire for Him- As a passion and desire for His feelings and words for His church(es). Let the scholars strain at gnats. Let us get the meat… no, the whole meal! Amen, and amen!

   If we read this book, with the knowledge that it speaks of how He feels about His church(es), and how He feels about our words BACK TO Him, it will be of great impact!     “IF.”

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