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Song of Solomon – Sister & Spouse

Preserved Words Bible Studies a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Song of Solomon – Sister & Spouse

Song 4:10. How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse! how much better is thy love than wine!

and the smell of thine ointments than all spices!


    (L003 cont.) You must remember, again, that we are reading that which was written in Middle Eastern style. It is NOT in Americanized style, or Western style. WE MUST keep our minds on a higher level here.

    Here, we have several things to consider.

  1. HE (Solomon, the king disguised as a shepherd)

is speaking to HER.

  • His description, of her love, to him.
  • The unusual (to us) use of “sister,” and “spouse.”
  • Her love, better than wine. (Remember 1:2, where

she said this to him)

  • The smell (captivating aroma, and lasting fragrance)

of HER ointments. (Remember 1:3, where she said this

to him and OF him.)

    Now, I want to go back and draw from 1:1, in order to keep us grounded here. This IS a writing of Solomon. This IS a song, of songs, that he wrote, about a REAL love in his life (very early on, I believe). This is a book of love canticles (or, love songs). In this book are said to be 13 “canticles,” or songs (I see more than that, but we will not strain at a gnat). But it is far more. It is, in the title, “Song of Songs,” the GREATEST song HE ever wrote, and up to Calvary, the greatest love song ever written, for it comes out of Heaven in it’s typology of Christ Jesus, and it pictures His love for His church, which itself is to show His love to the world. (Jn. 3:16, et. al.). As we read in Eph. 5:25, He GAVE Himself for the church. In 1Ki. 4:29-34, we see that Solomon wrote 3,000 proverbs, and 1,005 songs. But Song of Solomon, IS the Song of ALL of them. THE most powerful!

   This is where we must speak of “inspiration.” God has not left man “incommunicado,” that is, without communication from Him. And, God has not left it on man to come UP with His communication, either by guessing, OR man’s own “wisdom.” GOD, (2Tim. 3:16), GAVE His Words (Jn. 17:8, et. al), to man, and we call it the Bible, the Word of God, and THIS book, THIS writing, THIS love story, is absolutely beyond anything man could ever come up with. THIS Song of love, is right out of Heaven. This is not an allegory. This is not a parable. It IS a type and picture, of Christ and His church in it’s overall writing, and it DOES have powerful types in it, that have application today, TO Christ’s church! THIS book, is HIS Words, to HIS church! WILL we take the time to ponder them, or meditate on them, and take them into our heart for examination and application? WILL we look full-faced at the love (both ways) written in this Song of Songs, and ask ourselves the questions that it asks? Now, to our little outline.

  1. Solomon, the shepherd here, tho the king, speaks back to her and tells here his heart. (Jesus does that to us, and DID that in action on Calvary). OH, how his words to her must have SET HER HEART AFLAME! Do His Words, in His Book, to you? Did they ever? Has the fire grown low? Oh Church of the Living Christ Jesus, where art thou in this? Have we taken up with other lovers already? Do HIS words mean much to us, or do the words of OTHERS? Do we hang on every word? And, do we take the word of another as to what he DOES say? Do we want His words direct? DO they captivate us still? Does our heart burn within us when He speaks? (Lu. 24:32), or has the world, or other suiters, taken that away from us? Folks, we need to ask these questions of ourselves today!
  • His description of her love to him. Have you ever thought about just how much He loves to hear our words of love back to Him? Have we any? Are they real? Are they lukewarm, or full of passion and Spirit flame? Can it be said of us, we are on fire for the LORD? When I look at my life, I am aware of the cold, deadening flesh, and the freezer burn of this world, and that vision makes me weep, and it is the Spirit in me, I believe. How about you? Look at how much they just HAD to be around each other, and in each other’s presence. Why? Love that jettisoned all others. Love that had eyes only for the other. Love that hung on every word the other spoke. Listen, His Spirit in you DRAWS you to such love. He DRAWS you to His presence. Do you respond? Folks, this was SOLD OUT love! They wanted to SEE each other; HEAR each other; SMELL each other. I remember when Marlene would get all prettied up, and put on perfume for me. I remember when she would look at me. I remember her beautiful eyes. I remember her WORDS of love. Does He… of us… still? I hope there are some tears out there now! Maybe I’ll write a book, “Time for Tears.”
  • The unusual (to us) use of “sister,” and “spouse.” This is, again, Middle Eastern language. But, it speaks of the purity of the relationship. Man, there sure is little of that in this world these days. I told you early on in this study, that there would be language we would not totally understand. This is one, but let us not stumble at it, and remain in Western, Americanized, low level thinking. Let us fix our eyes on something above us. This is language that speaks of the purity of HIS love for us, and what OUR love should be back to Him, in many ways. His love, displayed on Calvary, is that pure, and total, and undefiled! But………

I want  you to stop and think about his words. He said her love, to him, was “fair,” which means that it was undefiled, pure, beautiful, bright, and pleasant. AND, the word “fair,” speaks of one who had MADE herself beautiful. She CARED to make herself beautiful, and for ONE MAN ONLY! For ONE ONLY! She did, and had, and he knew it, saw it, smelled it, and heard it. Does Christ Jesus from you and me? I beg you, do not lose sight of the beautiful and powerful teaching and calling of this book. Her love was undefiled, pure, pristine… and total! She MADE herself beautiful… to him, and for him! She KEPT herself for him, too!

  • Her love, better than wine. Here we move into the actual. He told her, that to him, her love was better than that which the world said was the “finer things in life.”  There is nothing in this world that we can offer Jesus, that is greater… than our pure love! Do we? Have we ever? WILL we?
  • The smell (captivating aroma, and lasting fragrance) of HER ointments. She smelled out of this world to him. I remember!- I remember my favorite perfume that Marlene wore. I remember what it meant to me. I remember how much I wanted to smell HER. That aroma and fragrance WAS her! It wasn’t the perfume by name, it was HER. And SHE put it on for ME! IT was the fragrance of love that she had for me! Solomon told his love, that he was CAPTIVATED by the aroma of HER. IS Christ Jesus able to say that of ME?… Of YOU? But… it is plural! See it? Ointments! What are OURS… for JESUS? OINTMENTS PLURAL. Have we TOLD Him? MADE ourself fair for Him? What is the aroma of OUR life? ALL of her was His. ALL of her! She washed herself, kept herself… ALL for him! My soul. How’s OUR fragrance…. to HIM? CAN HE SAY TO US…. His bride.…. His church… what Solomon said to her?

Addition to Song of Solomon, L004 (Read last)

   I am sorry to run on each week here, but I cannot get this study out of my mind and heart, and I want to get it out to you, which is why God has led me to do these lessons.

   When I think of my love for Marlene, and the days we dated, I remember some things.

   I never had a family. Never knew family love. Never had the love of a mother, and not much of a father. When she told me she loved me, and I saw her eyes (and smelled that perfume, too, I must admit) there was far more to the fragrance than the physical. There was a true love there that I never felt or knew before. Never. I look back now, some 50 years later, and that time is as fresh in my mind as if it was 2 minutes ago. It has changed over time, yes, but that foundation of love, is still there. First love- first fire!

  Let me say also, that I sought ways to show her MY love back, too. I made $1.66 per hour at work, and didn’t have the monetary ways to give, but I gave her… my heart! Still do! But, I want to move this to a spiritual application, if I may.

   Jesus Christ dictated 7 letters, to 7 real churches, at the beginning of the book of Revelation, which is the book about the end of the world. That should scream at us for attention. He personally dictated them, and dictated one to Ephesus, where He said they had “left their first love.” He dictated another (3:14-22) to Laodicea. He dictated these personally! What did He say to those two churches?

   To Ephesus, “thou has left thy first love.” I think about this here in regard to Marlene and I, if you will allow me. But, I apply the principle, and the feeling I have for what it would do to my heart, if someone were to say that of me, and her… and I take it to what it should say between Jesus Christ, and me. (I hope I got that our right). How would SHE feel if I were to do that? Was my vow of love for her real, and permanent? Is mine… is yours… to Christ Jesus?

    Are you getting what I am trying to get out here? The thoughts of all of this literally rocks me to my soul. Good! IT should! Take a moment and write a note in your journal here. You need to, I can tell! HEARTquake! SOULquake!

    To the church of the Laodiceans, He said they just didn’t care about Him any more. I am typing with a pounding heart, and tearful eyes… on two levels. Good! I should!

   I cannot allow myself to think that I would ever have that said about my love for Marlene. Oh, the thought of that HURTS me! Oh,…. how that would hurt HER! I CANNOT DO that! But… do I ever come close to that with Christ Jesus? Do you?

   If we don’t get anything else out of this series, I pray that there are HEART-quakes, SOUL-quakes, and VISIONS of things spiritual in all of you who take the time to read these lessons. WHY ARE WE NOT MOVED?- SHAKEN?

   Folks, our HEARTS should be MOVED by the WORDS of JESUS in Song of Solomon! Are they? Our SOULS should quake and be MOVED by His words! Are they? If not.. WHY not? Stop and read Isaiah 6:1-10. Pay close attention to V4. ….. May we SHAKE Heaven, and SHAKE this earth, with WORDS of love and WORSHIP to JESUS CHRIST, and may we SMELL like Him, and NEVER have it SAID of us, Thou hast left thy first love!”- or we just don’t care about Him anymore! May you see such love, and the need for such love, and finish your race, and your life with that FIRE of FIRST LOVE! MY SOUL! Don’t  you really want that back?

      I want you to write a prayer to Jesus in your journal here. I want you to tell Him you want that first fire back. Go on… do it! I want you to tell Him you want HIM, more than the world. HIM more than things OF the world. HIM more than things FROM Him, and see what happens!

Oh Lord, I want to smell good TO You, and smell LIKE you!


FIRE… FIRE… FIRE!  Amen, send the fire!

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