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Speaking Without All The Facts

January 11, 2021

Speaking Without All The Facts

Proverbs 18:13 (KJV) He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.

All too often, humanity chooses to open his mouth to give an opinion concerning a matter without having all the facts.  This stark statement is a sad historical illustration, applicable today, and remains valid as humans continue to exist on this wicked earth.

All a person needs to do is watch the news for a minute to come up with a modern example of such folly.  A shooting happens, or some violent act,  a riot, or crime, and both the primary news coverage and the crowds conclude the matter shortly after it has taken place and reported as breaking news.  Coming to hasty conclusions is dangerous; often, such an event can seem all wrapped up in a neat guilty or not guilty package quickly; however, not all the facts are on the table immediately following such incidents.  It takes time and evidence to provide the necessary facts and a trial to conclude guilt or innocence in such matters.

Opinions are at work all over this corrupt world in everything, from delicious ice cream flavors to clothing styles, to elections, to what should result from the outcome of criminal activity.  Often lay people and the press speak indiscriminately about various matters without proper authorities weighing all the choices in balance or considering crucial facts and evidence to determine the appropriate steps and outcome of an issue. 

Jumping to conclusions and speaking out of turn makes it difficult for individuals and authority figures alike to come to appropriate decisions and findings in matters of preference or cases of criminal activity.  Such blabbing about various circumstances makes it hard for individuals to get a fair trial and for the judicial system to offer proper judgment concerning guilt or innocence. However, God always knows the score!

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