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Specific Global/Planetary Affairs

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Specific Global/Planetary Affairs

Read Rev. 13:1-8

   I sure hope you are getting something out of this series that draws you closer to Christ Jesus AND standing up for Truth. Read Jer. 9:3, Is. 59:14,  Jude 3, & 2Tim. 3:13-14. SOMEONE has to be valiant for the truth… no matter what. Let it be us!  The Bible says there will rise a global leader, who will be the devil in the flesh. We must see as much as possible, as clear as possible! New Agers are about global lockdown to force the worship of the earth… and the “master” who is to come. Now, Satin again, from 1978.

   In their Planetary agenda is more of the same socialistic/communistic slop. But, folks are going for it in droves. They are for global governance… as long as it is THEIR agenda! Here is their global/planetary agenda.

  Headings: Planet Earth, Multinational Corporations, Defense, Superpower Agreement and Cooperation, Global Governance, and Taxation (look at Lu. 2:1-5 here!), Global  Environmental Laws, and Global Population Control. See any of our politicians pushing any of this? Here are their goals within the framework of their Planetary Agenda. (In 2014 they want laws to jail climate change deniers)

   First, to get as many nations and leaders OF those nations to buy into their agenda… for the good of mother earth. Next, (their own words) “Attempt to educate the American people about the appalling planetary poverty and misery.” Now, folks, I know there is poverty and misery, and I’m NEVER against helping folks, but the U.N. NEVER makes things better. And where this is going is to the antichrist!  And, even tho this sounds mean and cruel, those nations have evil, corrupt leaders who take the money given for improvements and bank it for themselves. Also, they ALL are NOT the (supposed) Biblical nation we were, and have been mostly. There is a price to pay for idol worship, devil worship, and false religion as a national platform. (Gee, I wonder why America is in the shape it is now? Do you think it has anything to do with throwing God and the Bible out? Psalms 9:17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.)

   Further, “Seek to develop with other nations a “planetary guidance system” (code for global laws, from the U.N, that nations give up their sovereignty to), whose long range goal is to regulate planetary society according to New Age ethics and political “values.” See a totalitarian one world religion in there anywhere? Look close! Such {laws} would bring about planetary order, calm, security, and peace.”  Establish more foreign aid  (WHICH requires more taxation) … with the provision that said aid would be taken away from those nations that do not fall in line with the New Age agenda. (WHO is going to GOVERN this??? Well, how about the UN? No, it couldn’t be. THEIR WORDS, not mine!) Begin to make the United States more responsible for the wealth we have and share it with the world. We have 5% of the earth’s population and 30% of it’ material wealth. (Heard that lately? This was written in 1978. Pg. 253, New Age Politics; Mark Satin. By the way, GOD blessed us with these resources and wealth, though we seldom realize it. And, He may be taking them away from us for our filthiness nationally)

  Encourage programs to universalize social security abroad (just like we now give social security to illegal aliens… don’t we! See how it creeps in? And YOU AND I PAY for all of this!) Encourage nations to develop a global industrial strategy, establish a planetary (global) taxation system, phase out ALL nuclear power, call for an end to “torture” as an interrogation regiment (unless it is on Christians), establish Amnesty International as an organization that has political status and power, call for international intellectual, cultural, and spiritual freedom and authorize economic sanctions against those nations that do not comply (This is ALL anti-Christian, for Christianity is narrow, bigoted, and exclusive). Proclaim that the sea and sea bed are property of the earth and that all nations have the right to benefit from them. NOW to defense in the US.

   CUT the defense budget by 40%. Gradually do away with all nuclear weapons, and work with the superpowers to disarm, at a rate of 20% a year for ten years. Gradually reorganize all military forces into a global (peacekeeping) military force. Teach people about non-violent self-defense. (Kiss a Commie, I call it. Right! Give them a flower… before they shoot you! Right.) Extend the draft to women, students, paraplegics (I’m not making this up. See pg. 255 in Satin’s book), everyone; no exceptions whatsoever. Establish a transnational police force individually recruited and responsible to a global “authority.” Well, there you have it. Global police, controlled by the UN, answerable ONLY TO the UN, and YOU are going to pay for it! NEVER MIND national autonomy. See any of our politicians taking us down this road? Never lose your place of authority and your place in the food line paid for by the people! But wait, there’s one more… Interdependence Day.

  Declare July 5th, our national “Interdependence Day.” (per a group called Planetary Citizens) This would be a day to acknowledge that, in an important sense, we are all One (see the cap there?) We are the world, we are the children…. See the influence when the Bible is thrown out?  ALL from 1978.

   In the New Age world, there are no borders. All are part of the One, and part of Mother Earth. It is global socialism, but forgetting that SOMEONE has to be at the top running the thing! (See Jer. 17:9, Ps. 51:5, Prv. 28:26, & Mt. 15:19. It is moving the world AND the United States into the realm of a one world government and one world dictator, with a one world religion, which has at the foundation a lot of earth worship!

  What we have, if you didn’t notice it, is a taxation system that forces you to pay for this control over you; forces you to pay for the establishment of the one world government, forces you to go along with the one world religion that has at its core earth worship. It forces you to give up freedom, personal autonomy, property rights, national autonomy, religious freedom, control over the education of your children, and on and on! Again, the politicians are taking this stuff to their liking because it sets THEM up as the final authorities, permanently, when they are in with the UN and global lockdown!

   Let’s hand out, and leave tracts everywhere, and live for Jesus Christ to the end… no matter what God allows us to go through!    3Jn. 4

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