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Specific National Affairs

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Specific National Affairs

Read 1Ki. 18:27 & Jn. 12:4-6

   I want to further our look at the New Age agenda for National Affairs in the U.S. Think about the fact that I’m taking all of this from Mark Satin’s book, New Age Politics.., 1978. It will sound like today’s newspaper! I chose our texts above for good reason, I’m sure, as you know me, what that reason is! Let’s look at some of the 20 pages of his New Age political platform written in… 1978. He divides this section into two divisions: National Affairs (this lesson) and Global/Planetary Affairs (the next lesson).

   First, his own words (ch. 24, pg. 235). “Laws cannot substitute for the “transformation” of the minds, hearts, and self perceptions of the American people.  Some of this will be a review, but we MUST see how this has taken over… in the media, government, and schools, where our young people are bombarded with it daily! Here, again,  are the divisions in their National Affairs section (pgs. 236-253) and a few more comments:

   Ethics, Income & Welfare, Finance & Money, Business & Industry, Population, Labor, Agriculture, The Environment, Energy, Science & Technology, The Future, Human Rights, Animal Rights & Civil Liberties, Crime & Punishment, Youth, The Aging, and the Family, The Consumer, Transportation, Health, Education, Housing, The Media, Government Reform, and Localization & Regionalization.  

   Now, a look at their own words about laws and control they are dead set on enacting! Ask yourself, “Have any politicians said any of this?” Any new people say like CNN? MSNBC? CNBC?

   “….define an “absolute good” (for humanity, BY their standards), which defines this absolute good as “health,” which is the wholeness and finally the holiness of Creation.” (Well then why the support of abortion? Letting the aged die so that too much money isn’t spent on health care?- 2014) Further….Establish BOTH a minimum AND maximum wage level. ALL money earned above the maximum will be taken by the government and given to…. the poor. (I thought there weren’t going to BE any poorer? Heard anything like this lately, in 2014, out of politicians? Getting my mind right, boss!) The maximum cannot be more than ten times the minimum. (I repeat, this was written in 1978) Use guaranteed government subsistence to replace welfare and social security. Order the immediate divestiture of all businesses over $250 million in annual sales.

   (Population) Bring the US population down to about 175 million. Repeal all tax credits for children and homes and marriage exemptions. Promote the teaching of population control in schools, as part of being responsible back to Mother Earth. Increase support to contraception… to all no matter what age, and ensure abortions are available to all women who want them regardless of age or consent of patent or guardian. (Heard that lately?) Further… Pass and redefine and enforce Equal Rights laws to encourage women to see themselves as more than homemakers and child bearers. (Agriculture) Limit the total acres a farmer can own. Take the excess and give it to… the poor. Here we go again. Note how they manipulate tax $$$ to IMPLEMENT control!!!

   (Environment) Encourage recycling and the use of organic and inorganic wastes. Set the example by government. Establish (laws) for defining individual property rights to the air and water. (In other words, the government owns the mineral rights AND the air above) All environmental issues will be judged in a federal court and federal agencies. (Satin; 1978)

   (Energy) Remove all subsidies given to conventional fuel companies AND power industries vis tax loopholes. Place a “severance tax” on all minerals and fuels taken from the ground. Adopt a minimum energy-efficiency standard for all vehicles or products (This one goes into the realm of energy used in the home, and they are GOING to control it!) Massively fund research in renewable fuels and energy. Phase out ALL nuclear power. Establish a national task force to plan for an orderly transition to a state of lower energy consumption by every household (They will soon tell you the max temp you can have in the winter and minimum in the summer! They already have smart-meters to go in where they can shut you off!).Now to the Future-

   Establish a Commission on ‘The Future” whose task it will be to know as much about what’s really happening and chart the various paths that are given to us. (Really? From the government?) Further… Develop ongoing participatory planning mechanisms that would allow citizens to invent their own alternative futures... I did NOT make that up!  Now Human &Animal rights. Hang on!

   Enforce equal rights of all citizens regardless of sex (or sexual preference), race, religion (except Christianity), national origin (no borders), sexual preference… Support the concept that all animals, domestic and none, are citizens of the state, deserving equal protection from unnecessary harm. This includes… trees!   What about unborn babies? Now “The Youth & the Aged.”

   Encourage a thorough sharing of family roles as in Sweden. See that all rights privileges, duties, and responsibilities of adult citizens are made available to any young person. Thus suing your parents in court for anything you want! Further.. Ensure that day-care is available to all who need it. (HOW WILL ALL OF THIS BE PAID FOR?)

   Further… Tax automobiles by weight (with me IN or Out of it when it is weighed?), prohibit manufacturers from making vehicles with less than a specified mileage, encourage walking and bicycling, and legalize hitchhiking. I didn’t make that up either! Now Health… Buckle up and remember this was written in 1978. They now propose laws to jail opponents!

   (Health) THIS is a big one. THIS will, if they get what they want, control a MAJOR portion of the economy, and people with it. Control minds, and money, and then the masses!  Establish laws allowing for cross-state lines on health care provision, and establish a National Health Care Provider System, where the government is the provider. Foster and encourage various “natural” and Eastern medical practices. Establish the right to die as a law, and bring all of this into the education system where it is taught in schools. Encourage the use of “humanistic” methods of teaching to develop the emotions, imaginations, and our higher selves. I left a lot out for space. Sounds like today’s news, folks.  Quite a trick bag!

  My prayer is that we will be awake, not afraid… involved Christians, not asleep or sedated! Before going, please read Deut. 6:1-9 & Mal. 3:16. Let’s stand up for the Bible, and God, Jesus Christ, & creation and laugh their doctrines to scorn….. openly!    1Ki. 18:27

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