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Spikenard- The Fragrance of My Life

Preserved Words Bible Studies a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Song of Solomon

Spikenard- The Fragrance of my life

Song 1:12 While the king sitteth at his table, my spikenard sendeth forth the smell thereof.

   May I look back at the last lesson for a moment? Bether, (2:17),“separation,” is mentioned ONLY ONCE in all the Bible, and it is in reference to a shepherd who came to love a little dark skinned, outcast, Shulamite girl, and went away, back to his palace, to prepare a place for her… and he wasn’t back yet… and she MISSED him terribly. Don’t you find all of this quite amazing? Maybe you don’t, but I do! Do you find this book entirely amazing? Do you see it as Jesus Christ putting into words (2,000 years before He came to earth) how He felt about His church?

    Now, where is spikenard mentioned on the N.T.? Look again at Mk. 14:3-5 and John 12:3-5. What IS spikenard? It is an aromatic, perfumey oil or substance from the “nard” plant. That plant has a spiked root on it. It was from India, or that region, and it was expensive! Unless I am totally blind, we have yet another amazing thing here. In ALL of the O.T.- spikenard is ONLY MENTIONED, in Song of Solomon! It is mentioned in reference to a special, and expensive fragrance, in front of a king. Have you ever thought about that? Where it is mentioned, in both the Old and New Testaments… I mean, in reference to a king, and Jesus Christ? What man could have EVER written this book, apart from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God? What man could have ever written this and had it all connect together over 2,000 years later? Hmmm, let’s see….. NONE! Yep, that’s right, I got excited about that! Do we really live Ps. 119:161? Do we really understand the power and depth of Ps. 138:2? What DO we get excited about?  My soul, a GOD BREATHED BOOK, and we ho hum it!     Really?    What a flame!     What a flame!

   Now, she had got all dressed up (maybe I’ve written this before, and if I have forgive me. It is on my heart now, again, and we shall pursue the leading of the Spirit). She got all prettied up… for the king! (I can hear those gears turning) She not only got all dressed up, but she got all dressed up for ONLY HIM! I say again, I remember when Marlene and I were dating. My soul, she looked pretty. And, she SMELLED good, too! Oh yes, don’t you know it! I remember my favorite fragrances. (Some of them I can’t even spell. One that smelled like cinnamon.). I walked all the way across Mansfield, in the rain, to see her! And, I would do it again! Remember that old TV commercial, “I would walk a mile for a camel.”? (He has four legs, let him walk for himself!) I walked about 6 miles for the girl I loved, and thought nothing of it!

   (How far would I walk for Jesus? How is my dress… for the King? How does my life smell? What is the fragrance of my life, and affection for Him… TO Him? Folks, we gotta THINK about this stuff, not just read a bunch of words, and then say we did our duty! DUTY? Do you think that little Shulamite girl did what she did, for DUTY?   DUTY?)

    Now, I didn’t have much money then. I made a $1.66/hour. I would save my little money to buy her flowers. When we ate lunch, on the delivery truck I was on (with her father, by the way), I didn’t have money to eat, so I would watch him eat, and then grab food other people left at their table. Ate quite well, I must say! WHY? Love! SICK in love! GONE in love! Wow, that red hair, brown eyes! My soul! (A lot of free crackers, too!) (After a while, he felt sorry for me and bought me some food now and then. He later said he was glad when we got married so he could stop  feeding me!) I didn’t have money for after shave or colognes, either. I would borrow now and then from my room mate! I felt bad about that. I had soap, but nothing fancy, or of any cost or expense, to wear for her!

    Now, I found a box of throw away men’s after shave, out behind the old J. C. Penney’s store, and man, I was SMELLIN GOOD! They were throwing away the samplers from the men’s department, and man, it was ALL mine! WAHOOOOO! I guarded that stuff with my life, too! I wore that stuff for HER! Man, I am tearing up here, writing this. She was MINE, and I was HERS! (I’ve read that somewhere before) I was GONE in love! GONE, man! My SOUL, WHAT DO I DO FOR THE LOVER OF MY SOUL? I WANT THAT LOVE BACK, too! And, I want that love for Jesus Christ, too! MY SOUL…. do you? Then GO AFTER it!

   I had nothing. No car, no money, no good clothes. Holes in my shoes. Nothing, but she loved me, and I wanted to SMELL good for her, and BE with her! Don’t you think that little Shulamite girl was this way… about Solomon? Are WE, with the King of Kings, Who died on Calvary to save our soul, and put us in His church? How does His church smell… right now? How do I smell to Him? What is the fragrance… of my life! What am I wearing, too? AM I dressed in the spiritual rags of the world, or do I have spiritually clean clothes for Him? I’m not talking about physical clothes,  you know that, I’m talking about what I am seen as putting on for Him spiritually! My Heart!

   Now, when I was working back then I got something I probably shouldn’t have. Credit! Oh no. Oh boy. I hit the men’s department! Oh, yeh. Got some duds. (I kind of had a “Discover” card… Thirty days later I “discovered” I had to pay that all back!) But WHY, did I get those clothes? FOR HER, man!  I bought HER stuff too! I was IN THE CHIPS. Oh, boy! What am I willing to do for Jesus Christ? At what cost?

   And, I talked about her to everyone. I spoke of her. I thought about her. I was HURTING, when we were apart.

   Any spiritual application here yet? That Shulamite girl was the same way, too! Bether, man. Bether! Separated!

   Now, I got carried away I think, so let me get to a last points.

   We have looked at how she smelled to him, and dressed for him, and sat at his table. We have, I hope, looked at how that might apply to our lives now. What does our life NOW smell like to the King? I mean really? Are we careless about that? Do we smell like the world? Smell like smoke, maybe! Ouch! When I was dating Marlene, I sure cared about how I looked, and smelled. DO I now with Jesus Christ, the King of Kings?

   But, let me close by switching gears. How will we see the fragrance of our life, when it is over? When WE are sitting at the KINGS table… THEN, what will the fragrance be, that we brought with us over there? When I knew Marlene was coming over to get me in HER car, I hurried to be ready. I ran OVER my room mate to get ready! Out of my way bub, I got a date! Oh, yeh! And, there was electricity in the air. The electricity of anticipation… of being together. My soul, we hadn’t seen each other for twelve hours, man. TWELVE HOURS. And, we didn’t have cell phones then either. I didn’t even have a LAND line! How about with Jesus?

   That little Shulamite girl never did anything haphazard… for her king. She loved him enough to do whatEVER it took, to SMELL good for him, LOOK good TO HIM, and BE WITH him! And, she was LOVE sick, when he was away. Can you just imagine her getting ready for him?

   How does all of this affect us now? DOES it affect us? SHOULD it affect us? I want you to take some time away from all the interruptions of this world, and be alone with your thoughts about all of this. I want you to write in your journal how you feel, and write it, as writing to Jesus Christ, your King, but not until you have thought it out a bit! Can He say of us that we have left our first love or that we are lukewarm? Or, do we smell good… on purpose?

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