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Spiritually Indigent or Eternally Rich

May 10th, 2017

Spiritually Indigent or Eternally Rich

Psalm 72:2 (KJB)   He shall judge thy people with righteousness, and thy poor with judgment.

This scripture verse makes a distinction between two groups of people: Thy people and poor people.

Thy people are God’s people who are spiritually rich.  Maybe not rich in worldly wealth, but certainly esteemed and valued cloaked in God’s eternal wealth.

Riches of this world are fleeting and cannot accompany mankind upon his physical death to the eternal realm.  The poor people are those who are existing in this world without the indwelling presence and power of God in their life.  They are spiritual paupers.  Poor in this world and potentially poor for all eternity.

The spiritual richness of God is available for all mankind (1 Timothy 2:4) while he is physically alive on this earth.  Once man has physically died he can no longer obtain a personal relationship with God and share in His eternal wealth.

The spiritual rich person of God will be judged according to the righteousness of God.

Persons found to be existing outside of a personal relationship with God will face the eternal judgement of God because he or she is found to be eternally poor and spiritually deprived lacking fellowship with Him.

Are you eternally spiritually rich or found to be a spiritual pauper in need of a personal relationship with God?


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