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Spitting, An Ultimate Act of Betrayal

July 16, 2018

Spitting, An Ultimate Act of Betrayal

Mark 10:34 (KJB) And they shall mock him, and shall scourge him, and shall spit upon him, and shall kill him: and the third day he shall rise again.

I am sure that you have tuned in to a popular show a time or two which follows a shift of policemen, fire personnel, or other emergency responders around as they venture out into many unknowns they face in their jobs.  It is often quite interesting to see the many kinds of obstacles, dangers, admiration, and demise they face each day as they don the uniform of their chosen profession willing to serve the needs of others, save lives, and upholding the law during dangers, anticipated mistreatment, and thankfulness they may encounter during their job.

One of the worst kinds of opposition or hostility a man or woman in an authority position will face is to be spit upon.  Perhaps is not the most physically dangerous, such as death but the act of spitting boldly says, “I have no use for you,” or “you mean nothing to me.”

Resorting to spitting on another human being is to treat them as if they were no better than dirt.  It cuts right to the core of their human nature.  It is simply revolting for a person to be purposely spat upon by another.

The soldiers and the unruly crowd spit upon Jesus.  They tried to cut Him to the core of His being.  However, Jesus was not easily offended and weakened by these horrid actions of the many wicked people around Him, He stood in full resolve, under the power and presence of God to face any ill-treatment, including mocking, scourging, spitting, and finally His physical death.

Spitting on another boldly says “you are worthless to me.”  Jesus Christ was spit upon by the crowd and the soldiers.  Despite this vulgar mistreatment by many, He stood spiritually tall during this horrible harassment.


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