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Submit and Resist

June 24, 2018

Submit and Resist

James 4:7 (KJB) Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

God has an order for us to follow in being obedient to Him.  It is not possible to “Have it your way,” or “do it your way” and be compliant and submissive to Him.

Why, because God has clearly outlined the pathway for placing faith in Him and for living in agreement with Him.  This narrow way does not include what you want to do in hopes of being compliant.  Rather it entails choosing to do what God desires.  Often our natural desires will tend to line up at the opposite end of the spiritual spectrum standing apart from God’s will for our life.

A man will often choose to follow the wide and easy pathway through life.  He does not naturally desire to align himself in obedience to God.  A man must make a choice to submit to God’s will for his life.  In doing so, a man can resist satan and cling to God.

A man must choose to submit to God and agree with Him about sin rather than aligning with the god of this world.

A man who battles the truths of God and chooses to hang out with satan will be an enemy of God forever.  A man who chooses to align with God will be eternally victorious as he submits to the will and way of God and satan bolts.

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