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Surely Die

February 01, 2020

Genesis 2:17 (KJB) But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Death is real.

Death is expected.

Death is imminent.

Did you know that death did not always have this looming grip upon humanity?

Today death is inevitable, but yet not predictable.  A person can know for sure they are going to die someday in the future.  A person with a chronic or irreversible health condition is most aware of their impending day of death, perhaps just right around the corner.  Often a seemingly healthy person ignores the possibility looming of his or her death because he shoves it on the “back burner” to enjoy life and live in the moment.

Physical death is medically and spiritually comprehendible, yet the event is filled with much anxiety and mystery to many hearts.  That is why most do not choose to dwell on any ending coming to their own life, even when it can appear so abruptly.  It is simply too much for them to consider while they are alive and kicking on this earth.

Here in this verse, God told Adam that he would surely die; no ifs, and, or buts, if he (or Eve) chose to eat from the tree of knowledge.  This proclamation seems simple and straightforward.  Do not eat from one particular tree in the garden for doing so will bring death. 

In the book of Romans and other poignant scripture, it is revealed that death was ushered into this world because of the presence of sin.  Death is the opposite or antithesis to life.  God offers one pathway to eternal life, and satan offers humanity a wayward walk to certain death.  Upon physical death, each soul will eventually come to face God and give an answer for his or her life or rewarded in eternity. 

One disobedient act changed the course of all souls upon physical death, and only God offers the pathway to eternal life.

Did you know that before the presence of sin, Adam and later Eve, was set to live for all time?  Think about that, Adam and Eve had it all, sweet fellowship with God, abundant eternal life, and living among a lush tropical garden.  Well, that is until Eve was swayed by satan into sinning against God.  Spiritual death, along with physical death, was ushered in the moment of disobedience to God’s one decree.  Death will happen to you, and you can count on it, I hope you are ready to face your Maker.

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