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Swift And Slow

October 31, 2020

Swift And Slow

James 1:19 (KJV) Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.

There is solid advice delicately placed in this short Bible verse.  It gives us a stable spiritual platform upon which each sincere child of God can seek a rewarding spiritual life with Christ.  It gives each of us two things to practice in our everyday walk with God.

The first is to be swift to hear.  In other words, hear God’s voice the moment He speaks.  Sadly, often professing hearts choose to minimize the voice of God.  Instead of accepting His direction about our talk and truths to guide us, many decide to dial down the volume of His precious voice, and to an audible level, most cannot perceive or follow.

On top of this misguided choice to muffle God, many souls take in the airwaves of this world, thereby prompting numerous people to express improper direction and dialogue, based on faulty capitulating feelings and circumstances rather than applying divine guidance and godliness.  Such imprudent decisions often lead to nothing more than spilling out “diarrhea of the mouth,” or what is the unnecessary showcasing words unfavorable to God, stirring strife,  and insulting to those about us in this world.

The result, to any soul who makes these kinds of foolish choices, is wrath, which accumulates in the pit of the stomach threatening to boil over at any minute.  This kind of anger can erupt without warning.  Therefore, please take note of the word wherefore, God-inspired placed at the beginning of this verse.  The purpose is for directing our attention back to His teaching in previous verses.  This critical context gives us a godly perspective on the use of words, the importance of proper hearing, the state of our actions, and the significance of our application in the current state of affairs at work in this world.

Each sincere heart must understand the importance of his or her hearing, choice of words, and actions as they live in this world.  The entire book of James gives us great insight into living a god-pleasing life with proper attention placed on our language, audible, and action.

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