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Fruit Production Accompanies Sincere Repentance

October 26th, 2019

Matthew 3:8 (KJB) Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance.

Spiritual fruit is anticipated in the life of every sincere professing child of God.  This production and harvest are not up for consideration or allowable for professing Christians to choose whether they desire to participate for it is expected of them.

A changed life is expected.

Lack of crops and a harvest always point to a need for personal repentance concerning sin and perhaps spiritual regeneration, or ...

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Congregations Of The Dead

Is your heart and your church dead or teaming with NEW LIFE?


It is always the man who wanders away from following God. for God never walks away from any man traveling along His pathway of understanding.  God sent Jesus Christ to put the message of salvation “on the bottom shelf” so that anyone, all mankind, or whosoever will, can take His supernatural message and apply it to their own heart.

Traveling along the narrow way is never difficult or ...

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