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Marriage is a Covenant Relationship with God


The Law of First Mention is a biblical structure inspired by God and used in the God breathed recording of His Word.  God did choose to reveal things worthy of greater significance by employing them in multiple verses throughout the entire cannon of His Word.  Great truths, commandments, and precepts are often found in both the Old and New Testament making them relevant in ancient times as well as in this current age of grace.  Having multiple mentions ...

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God’s Rainbow of Promise

A Rainbow, with an emerald glow about it, surrounds the throne in heaven.  This rainbow forms a complete circle.  The apostle John saw the whole circle of God’s great comfort and assurance firsthand.  The throne was hedged round about with the brilliance of His divine promise.  John was overcome by the sight of this royal throne and the magnificence of His presence.  This illuminating rainbow surrounding the throne had a brilliant emerald hue.  Straightway John fell to the ...

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