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God Covers Man in His Righteousness


God dressed Adam and Eve in His righteousness covering their sin laden darkened spiritual condition illuminated in their own eye gate showing both their spiritual and physical bare nakedness.  This uncovering was the result of their nature being twisted or bent away from the righteousness God through their choice to eat of the fruit of the tree God had forbidden them from consuming inside the Garden of Eden.

Their response to being uncloaked was immediately apparent; both to them and ...

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A new book to be published soon!

We have exciting news from

In additional tour our daily devotion Take Up Your Cross we have just sent a manuscript out for publishing for a new devotional book  called Some Trust in Chariots.  This is a second book in the Looking Through the Glass Darkly series.

The original book in the series Looking Through the Glass Darkly E-book can be found and downloaded for free on our ministry website at:
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Take Up Your ...

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