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Take God At His Word

February 23, 2021

Take God At His Word

Hebrews 11:1 (KJV) Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

It is sad that many throw faith out the window today.  Even though God gave us many promises and illustrations we can hang onto in His Word concerning faith, without seeing direct evidence, it is hard for some individuals to believe in what God promised.

God even gave us the “Faith Hall of Fame” for cementing our hope and trust in His work.  However, reading these accounts is much different than applying these truths to our life.  We can read the report of Moses, Rahab, Abraham, and others; however, it is much harder to put such faith principles to work in our life.

I am sure you remember the account of doubting Thomas.  He could not take Jesus Christ at His Word concerning who He was upon His unexpected arising from the grave.  “Doubting Thomas” went as far as to see the wounds from His ordeal upon Calvary in comprehending His identity.  Thomas could not recognize who Jesus Christ was after He arose from the grave without having visual confirmation.  Many of us can relate to Thomas’s desire to demand tangible proof, for we cannot simply believe what we hear about God.

Take note here that this scripture verse above concludes that genuine faith believes without seeing the evidence; Faith operates despite the circumstances about us.  Faith weathers the present storm swirling about us.  Sincere faith believes in the many promises given by God, even when our immediate circumstances and our flesh lead us to question God’s plans for our life.

I hope you believe what God saw fit to record in His Word for our learning without tangible proof available before you. You can take God at His Word for genuine faith trusts in the working power and presence of Christ without the potential of concrete evidence.  Yes, during any brewing storm or desert-like conditions working about us, God is present.

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