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Take Up Your Cross April 26th 2015

Have you been born twice; physically and spiritually?

Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. (John 3:7 KJV)

“To marvel not…” is to not stand in awe or amazement that Jesus would say “Ye must be born again…”

It should come as no surprise to a child of God that being spiritually born again first requires death.  Mankind is naturally born spiritually dead since sin was introduced upon this earth.   A sprouting of new life in God through Jesus Christ is the second birth.

Picture this metaphor to better understand how new spiritual life develops:

The seed of the gospel message is planted by a witness, dies in the ground (heart of man) taking root, and comes up as a fresh new green healthy sprout of new life.  This is a basic premise both for how new spiritual life erupts and for a new plant to break forth out of the ground.

Being born again is dying to the spirit of the god of this world which is man’s natural state from physical birth based upon self-will becoming alive with the essence of the Holy Spirit residing in your heart unto new spiritual life in God based upon His will not man’s will.

Those who live according to the spirit of God who resides in their heart are living for the things of God now upon this earth and forever in the eternal realm in the presence of God.

Those who are dead to the spirit of a living God do live according to the spirit of the god of this world who is spiritually dead now and dead forevermore without the presence of God and according to their own will.

Yes, mankind must be spiritually born again to see and know the spiritual things of God now and enter into His presence for all eternity.  It has been said “Born twice and die once…”

takeupyourcrossredocmclearAll men will face physical death and entrance into the eternal realm.  Those who are spiritually quickened alive will remain spiritually alive forever in the eternal realm because they have been born again unto God through Christ; while those who remain spiritually dead on this earth will face eternal death ushered into the fires of Hell forevermore.

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