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Take Up Your Cross August 19th 2015

Have you ever encountered resistance?

And Balaam said unto the angel of the LORD, I have sinned; for I knew not that thou stoodest in the way against me: now therefore, if it displease thee, I will get me back again. (Numbers 22:34 KJV)

“I have sinned…” these are powerful words when uttered truthfully unto God in faith can bring about spiritual change into a man’s life.  Sometimes these words are professed without meaning; other times they are spoken from the heart and open the door to inward spiritual growth and change within man’s heart.

God had opened the eyes of Balaam and allowed him to see the truth of the situation.  The Angel of the Lord stood before him on the road with drawn sword.  Balaam knew that he faced resistance but did not understand this opposition in front of him came directly from the hand of God.  This revealing was not for Balaam’s own personal gain but for the glory and honor of God.

God used this situation to bring about His will.  Balaam was told not to go back again but to continue on according to God’s plan and only speak the words which God gave him.  God intended to use this backslidden man to further His will Balaam made himself available and God used him in this situation to bring glory to Himself.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearGod can reveal Himself in any situation using good or evil means to accomplish His will.

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