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Take Up Your Cross December 25th 2014

Today, and every day, are you celebrating Jesus as the baby in the manger who became your personal Savior and King?

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. (Luke 2:11 KJV)

Today is the recognized day set aside by man for celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, but not the actual date of His birth.  Just as each of us also celebrate our own physical birth once a year but yet much different.  Every person upon this earth was physically born of two earthly parents just as Jesus Christ was physically born from an earthly mother in the flesh; but His virgin birth was set aside as peculiar or different from our natural birth He was born without substance of an earthly father because His Father was God.  Jesus Christ was born with His deity of God in three persons intact upon His physical birth brought down from the heavenly realm in the form of a physical human in a tent of flesh upon this earth.

Mary had a virgin birth bringing baby Jesus into this world solely from the will of God supernaturally from Heaven.  Jesus Christ had a surrogate earthly father named Joseph; but His Father was God in Heaven.  His earthly genealogy can be traced back to the line of Judah through Leah, just as prophesied.  Jesus Christ has a handful of women, as well as many men, listed in his family tree.  Not just any women of biblical times but Tamar and Rahab who would have been considered  by many  to having a shocking past; thought by many not formidable for generating a prestigious ruler or king; especially such as Jesus Christ.

But God works in His way and His timing to bring about a Savior for the world in lowly means.  Jesus would by His willingness, suffer in horrific physical death upon the cross for all mankind.  He shed His precious blood to cancel the sin debt of all mankind bringing an acceptable payment to God of every drop of His precious blood; marking the sin ledger “paid in full.”

Blood gives physical life to men upon the earth; just as blood gave life to Jesus Christ in the flesh; and provides  all of mankind the access or opportunity for spiritual life for all eternity beyond our temporary earthly life in the flesh.

The day of celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth is a significant day upon this earth.  It is set aside by man as Christmas Day and affectionately celebrates His birth by His spiritual saints gathering together with both earthly and spiritual family and friends giving gifts and fellowship centered on glorifying and honoring God.

Satan has an alternative celebration on this day focused on fleshly desires of consumption, the giving and getting gifts, and honoring man and infiltrating the tender minds of young children with a story of Santa Claus; rather than the Truths of God and His Son Jesus Christ.  This day is also celebrated by many according to the god of this world’s standards which are far removed from God.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearA Christmas day celebration for God’s own spiritual family would not be complete without recognizing Him as Savior of the world; the greatest gift ever given to mankind by God.  Do you have that precious eternal gift in your own life?

Do you know Jesus Christ as a baby in the manger AND The Savior of the entire world?  God gave us the greatest gift ever; eternal life through the death of His Son. He is not in the cradle now, or upon the cross, but sitting down in heaven with God.




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