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Take Up Your Cross February 19th 2015

Do you have supernatural focus and harmony in relationships?

Can a maid forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire? yet my people have forgotten me days without number. (Jeremiah 2:32 KJV)

A lot of emphasis is placed on outer adornment by mankind upon this earth.  Especially on the day of one’s wedding.

The bride spends much time, effort, and yes money to find the perfect wedding dress.  She makes sure it fits just right and makes her feel like a princess for her special day.

The groom is all decked out by being fitted in the best tuxedo with all the bells, whistles, and shiny black shoes to compliment the glam and tone of this special day.

The wedding party is all arrayed in splendor in the chosen colors of the day all ready to parade down the aisle as the ceremony is about to begin.  Much planning and finesse goes into wedding ceremonies.  The big event is planned out to a tee; and many memories are made and cherished lasting a lifetime.

In the marriage of a man and woman who profess a a relationship with God a triangle is made complete between God, the groom, and the bride.

Then at the snap of fingers the wedding dream is over and reality of living together upon this earth sets into the marriage.  Many marriages turn sour as couples argue and contend with one another and many marriages end in divorce.

Rare are the couples who spend a lifetime of marriage together upon this earth even among professing Christians.  Even more uncommon are couples who are spiritually balanced in harmony together supernaturally via relationships with God.

This scripture verse, in context of the Old Testament, is talking about the Jewish people.  God adorned them richly sparing nothing good for them.  The wedding ceremony was superb but after a time Israel turned their back on God.  They quickly lost sight of how God embellished them; doting on them in this relationship with Him.

This relational precept can be applied to your personal relationship with God and secondly your spouse both now and for all eternity.  The Jewish people forgot about God just as grooms and brides overlook the spiritual importance of allowing God to be first in their marriage to properly view and appreciate their spouse.  In both instances, for the Jewish people and in marriages, disharmony started flourishing as the primary focus changed at the core of the relationship. Israel did not look unto the things of God.  The Bride and Groom did not look up to the pinnacle of the triangle at God for supernatural strength and stability in their marriage relationship.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearIs your focus on your personal relationship with God first, your spouse second, and the things of the world last as you sojourn in supernatural harmony of God?  It is never too late to make God the focus of a relationship torn apart by the things of this world.

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