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Take Up Your Cross January 16th 2015

Have you been spiritually blessed by both direction and correction from God?

Blessed is the man whom thou chastenest, O LORD, and teachest him out of thy law; (Psalms 94:12 KJV)

None of us should dwell upon or relish instances leading to trouble and discipline in our life.  When we think of particular times we have gotten in trouble often we harbor or hold onto memories of times of rebellion against the authority of parents, teachers, or other authority figures.  Mankind has a natural pull towards a rebellious nature in our flesh.  This nature is always in enmity against the perfect sinless nature of God.  The law of God always shines a light upon the sinful nature of the flesh.

The Lord does not encourage us to keep looking at or dwelling upon at our disobedient past; but to learn from those times as we gaze towards the future with God.  Lot dwelled upon his marred past even placing the door of his tent towards the city of Sodom where he lived in sin and shame.  Lot lived to remember and dwell upon his sin instead of choosing to live for God and not feeding his sin nature.  Lot did not learn from his past sin, chastisement or blessings from God.

The Lord uses chastisement in our spiritual life to teach us giving us valuable instruction for living a godly life.  His chastisement is for building up our spiritual life; fortifying our spiritual understanding and improving our walk along His narrow path.  It is not for savoring the moments in our lives that led up to chastisement by God but rather to cherish the Lord’s direction and correction in our lives leading us in the opposite direction from our sin nature and unto the nature of God.

Chastisement from God is a blessing from God.  God cannot allow man to wallow in sin as God cannot have anything to do with sin.  Mankind lives on this earth with a natural inclination to sin.  There will always be a sinful flesh within man until he is made perfect by God in the heavenly realm.  God chastises us as He purges our sin nature.  Living for God is a lifetime of purging, chastisement, and teaching as mankind sojourns upon this earth and walks along the narrow pathway towards a perfect eternal future with God for all eternity.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearHas God blessed you with His chastisement and correction; bringing about new spiritual understanding and activity in your life according to your new nature dwelling in Christ instead of the god of this world?



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