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Take Up Your Cross January 17th 2015

God created man with a need for companionship and filled that need perfectly with the creation of Eve.

And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. (Genesis 2:18 KJV)

God created man with a need for company and companionship.  God did not create Adam to live all alone without human companionship in this lush paradise of the Garden of Eden.  God knew that Adam would need human companionship.  God knew that Adam would need help in meeting the needs of each day; even in his surrounding in the plush garden of paradise!  Adam needed Eve!

God put Adam into a deep sleep wounding him in the side to remove a rib and using it in creating Eve.  It is interesting to note Jesus was wounded in His side as His precious blood flowed, bringing about new life for those who placed their trust in God.  Each was wounded in their side to bring about new life.  Through Adam new physical life, Eve, was brought onto the earth; through Jesus Christ the opportunity of being spiritually quickened alive through faith in God unto new eternal spiritual life through Christ’s precious shedding of blood.

God then introduced this precious creation to Adam.  Adam named her woman because she was created out of man.  Eve was a companion and help meet to Adam in his day to day life.  Eve was a wife to Adam and served as the first biblical example of a wife; as Adam served at the first biblical example of a husband.  A help meet was God’s plan for men and woman to abide together as they lived for the glory and honor of God following after in God’s commandments and precepts for living this perfect life.

We all know that it did not take long for this perfect life to be shattered by the sting of sin and shame because this “first couple” did not follow after the perfect law of God; Eve fell to the subtle trickery, or beguiling of the devil into eating that which God commanded they not eat.

God still desires that man find company in a help meet relationship in marriage according to God’s specific will and way as they sojourn upon this earth.  Marriage is an institution created by God for man and as a picture of the spiritual relationship between God and man who will be spiritually reunited in the heavenly realm for all eternity one day soon.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearThe marriage relationship between a man and a woman, as God perfectly designed, is the same pattern man is to follow today in having a help meet by his side supporting him and meeting his needs all for the glory and honor of God.



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