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Take Up Your Cross June 10th 2015

June 10th 2015

Do you play the “blame game” or keep a short list of sin between you and God?

And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat. (Genesis 3:12 KJV)

The “blame game” is a popular pathway many stumble and bumble along while living in this world.  It is much easier to place blame upon another than to reckon your own guilt in choosing to sin against the holy standards set in place by God.  Man has been blaming his wife and his wife has been blaming her husband ever since Eve was tempted in the Garden of Eden.  This has a trickledown effect which has kids blaming their parents, parents blaming their kids, sisters blaming brothers, and carries on throughout all relationships of life.

Placing blame upon another person, rather than taking it yourself and asking forgiveness for the trespass from God, is a process of trying to remove or alleviate guilt from one person and laying it upon the shoulders of another.  However God’s final accounting process for sin debt does not work in that fashion.  God knows each and every sin and must account or reckon them all.  Either mankind shares in a personal relationship with God and views his own sin as God views it and humbly comes before God asking forgiveness of his sin; or in the eternal realm God will exact the wage or cost of each sin from any person who has refused to take God’s free gift of forgiveness of his sin by Jesus Christ’s finished work upon the cross.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearThe “blame game” did not work for Adam and Eve and it will not work long term in your life as well.  Take responsibility and accounting of all sins God has convicted you of.  Confession of sin is freeing in this world and for all eternity as you honor and glorify God.


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