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Take Up Your Cross June 17th 2015

Are you half-baked and waffling in this world?

Ephraim, he hath mixed himself among the people; Ephraim is a cake not turned. (Hosea 7:8 KJV)

I am sure you have experienced eating something that was half-baked.  Like cake when removed from the oven too soon resulting in a cake which was half baked or gooey in the middle.  Or perhaps you have fixed onion rings and the recipe calls for turning over half way through the stated cooking time and you chose not to turn them over and when the timer went off your onion rings were only browned and crisp on one side.

“Ephraim is a cake not turned…” in this scripture verse refers to Ephraim a place geographically located in the Northern Kingdom.  This was a place where many chose to integrate or mix pagan and idolatrous religion rather than separate unto the holy things of God.  This was a clear choice many people made to disregard the clear teachings of God turning to false idols and religion.

Just like cookies that are half baked and fall apart when you try to pick them up or cake that is gooey in the middle; the people of Ephraim were good for nothing especially not useful for the purposes of God.  The people chose to take the easy route that led away from the things of God; rather than be separated or set aside from spiritual pollution unto God’s use.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearWhat about your life is it separated for God to use in furthering His gospel message?  Or does your life remain uncooked in the middle and waffle amongst the contrary winds of the god of this world?

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