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Take Up Your Cross June 9th 2015

Do you demand your rights or stand up for the rights of God?

Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously: (1 Peter 2:23 KJV)

What a statement in this day and age as a continual parade of victims declaring their own rights march by us via the worldly system of personal accounting  on a daily basis.  The “victim” in this scripture verse is none other than Jesus Christ Himself who suffered agonizing cruelty, much more than any man will ever face. Jesus Christ never pulled the victim card out of his back pocket and put it into play in His short life on this earth.  Jesus prayed to His Father and humbly accepted His will upon His life.

God never chose to claim“I deserve…” or “I do not deserve …” rather he pointed to God in his choice of actions, choice of words, and most profoundly in His choice of remaining silent, rather than choosing to speak out against men who chose to treat Him poorly.  He never opted to point out sin wrought against Himself rather always pointing to the goodness and mercy of God.  He knew that God would account for all sin; either by men accepting His free gift while upon this earth or in their judgment in the eternal realm.

Jesus understood that God desired for Him to drink of His cup; shedding His precious blood to take away the sin of all mankind finishing the work of redemption upon the cross.  This was not an easy task for Jesus among the evil on this earth and certainly living in this world today is no spiritual picnic either but God gives us all we need to live according to His will for our life.

The Old Testament system of sacrifices, offerings, and observation of feasts was insufficient for removal of sin and accounting righteousness to man’s soul.   God sent His only Son to fulfill payment of sin marking the ledger of sin “Paid in full” for whomsoever will accept His free gift.  His sacrifice was once for all men.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearAre you caught up in  becoming a victim of society?  Or do you live pointing to the goodness and mercy of Christ allowing His light to shine a ray of hope for those who are desperate circumstances focused on self in this world?

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